Yet older: it was about 1996, I was at school. Some people from the computer lab liked to show themselves as the ones who knew everything. So I used to edit the file and include a reboot instruction right at the beginning of it (I always had a backup on the same folder).

Then it was just to call the know-it-all people to solve why the "computer was not working". They used to see that, look at my face as if that was obvious, reboot and press F5 to skip autoexec.bat.And.. boot again.

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Another one: moving key caps around on the keyboard. Again, every time someone had to use my computer, I almost could feel/hear their frustration and despair while trying to type the correct letters.

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Stupid things I used to do when I was young: take a screenshot with lots of opened programs and set it as wallpaper.

Then every time I got away from the computer at work, I just minimized everything and staid far from it looking some people trying to move things around on the screenshot.

Something I would like to do someday: hosting something from my home. Not a VPN, not a server somewhere. O physical computer or virtual machine hosting something only for my own usage, of course.

In case you missed it:
Oscar (editor of PHP Architect Magazine) did a live stream of himself solving one of my #PHP Puzzles monthly column.


I finally encrypted my e-mails on the server. Now all the emails are saved encrypted on server.

Now I just need to think about something as this for the Nextcloud.

To people with money:
Don't forget to give donations to your favorite projects. Not talking about myself here, I already have a job. But some projets you use everyday would improve faster if they had enough to pay full time devs.
From small apps/softwares/libraries to bigger projects like GNOME, KDE, elementary OS, perhaps even firefox (not sure on this one) etc.
If you have some money, it's better to spend it here than paying an amazon prime account for example

Respect people and their time.
Respect your craft.
Be sincere.
Create genuinely useful things. by Brad Frost

I didn't know this text about the History of the browser user-agent string, but it made me laugh.

Just started a petition with the european parliament in order to prevent backdoors into encrypted messaging services. The process was painfully bureaucratic and I was kicked out three times, I hope it went through ok and I will have a link for supporters to vote on this issue soon.
Counting on your support dear fediverse!

I have updated my portal to support browsing arbitrary web pages:


Listen to an audiobook. has free, public domain books recorded by volunteers.

It would be really nice if FOSS software could identify Gemini links, at least for an easy copy and paste. Specially on mobile.

What FOSS application or service do you wish existed?

Please Boost 🚀

Why browsers start using swap when there are still 3GB of free RAM?

Well, I decided to learn some Go first, as it appears to be simple, and than I will learn some Rust or even C.

This will probably give me a better structure as the last time I touched a compiled language was in 97~98.

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