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Hi everyone! I'm a PhD student in computer science, studying the intersection between formal logic and artificial intelligence.

I enjoy and love all things , I am a user and often tinker around with my .

I also fumble around with and enjoy vibing outdoors when the weather is nice. When I'm extra ambitious, I'll add a hike in!

I wrote up a post on how I display a single toot using on my website.

This doesn't cover how I archive all my toots yet, that deserves a separate post :)

@ashshuota @technicalissues Sure I can write a post about my blog-toot setup! Give me a day or so to write it all out and I'll ping you when it's out :)

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I have been working on displaying toots from Mastodon on my website using . I don't support all of Mastodon's features like CWs or Boosts but I think this is a great start!

An archival page of all my toots:

Visited a local farm today and saw this friendly Nigerian Dwarf

Unlike the other goats, this one still came by to say hi even though we didn't have any food.

The curb cut effect: for example, media descriptions right here on Mastodon help people who use screen readers, but they are also useful for explaining the joke for people who don’t get it, for translations of text, and for copy-pasting what would otherwise be just an image of text.

#Origami Heart with Butterfly.

It's Mother's day here in Mexico so, I decided to do something for my mom :P

This model has quite some complex folds in there. I couldn't figure it out but still managed to understand it and complete it.

#mastoart #art #MothersDay #butterfly #heart #hobby

I guess I have joined all the new first time Linux people recently. Got the drive partitioned and the distro all installed. Yay! Now to download everything I need. 🥰 Successful day.

TIL one can style feeds 🤯

You can even provide an info message for people who don't know what RSS is 💡

Here's mine:

It's based on this script:

Great post from Ben Orlin on treating time as a constraint and not an optimization target.

Example from his post: Instead of what is the fastest meal I can make, consider what’s the best meal I can make in the next 40 minutes?


Wrote a blog post on using `git bisect` to efficiently find where a test script fails.

I don't know how I used for so long before learning about this 😲

After a few weeks of bug squashing v1 is ready!
Thanks a lot to all those who have tested, reported and helped on the development!

Grab your copy at:

my lastest project has been an #mpcnc which has taken me several weeks to build. I particularly enjoyed building the electronics box, which allowed me to do some #soldering, #iot and some #woodwork. The best part is that it's almost 100% made out of stuff I had lying around. Even the table is made out of reclaimed wood. Total spend maybe NZ$250.

What do people use for backups?

I use Borg Backup to Borg Base, or have the repositories on a dedicated NAS which syncs them to Backblaze or Wasabi.

For commercial stuff, I like Commvault. I just found it a lot better than Veeam. As for Amanda/Zmanda and Bacula, I've not really had great luck with them, but that was 5+ years ago.

Does anybody have a favorite way of embedding PDF slide decks onto a webpage?

Working on the presentations page for my website, and currently I am using the <embed> tag.

How cool is it that we can now:
- Use Wayland with NVIDIA
- Use Steam in a Flatpak sandbox
- Use basically any game controller
- Play a massive library of modern Windows games in Linux

All at the same time, no fuss.

Thanks @anaulin for an easy to follow post on setting up Webmentions on a static website!

I followed along with great success.

Does anyone still use SVN or CVS for any of their projects?

One project that I collaborate in uses and honestly I quite like the sparse directories feature (

Sparse checkouts in don't quite feel the same...

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