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Top 3 favourite GNU/Linux distros go!

Boosts highly encouraged! There's a twist with this one ;)

PS: The twist has nothing to do with Linux or open source

I fucking hate modern technology.
It ain't a smart phone. It's a dumb brick only thing it's capable of is screaming ads at you.

browsing the web without adblock makes me puke. fuck money

i hate linux audio systems or whatever pulseaudio is

#twitter suspended the #riseup4Rojava account since several month now.

(personal note: I would wish anyone from the prior social media team would have taken into consideration to not trust twitter or facebook when it comes to reaching out to people. )

I fell for the Thinkpad meme and I'm glad I did. Even my mom said she'd like one now.

at least C just says "segmentation fault" and sends you away to go fuck yourself

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coding in c++ feels like opening the necronomicon and chanting curses until the compiler spews eldritch words at you in a pathetic attempt to convey the errors you've made

Are there desktop keyboards with thinkpad-like nipples?

Prediction: China will open up their internet firewall when their technological and social capacity for propaganda exceeds that of the United States. At this point the United States will create a firewall to block China. This will be hailed by all as a victory for "free speech".

qutebrowser is pretty cool.

What's the catch? Why don't more people use it? Is it because of extension support?

The latest & greatest #Guix installation ISOs fresh from the oven!

This is plugged into continuous integration. Thumbs up, Mathieu Othacehe!

Is now the time to talk about all of FOSS being on a centralized monoculture of GitHub owned by Microshaft? And why that is a bad idea?

GitHub seems to be down for several hours now...

man the nipple on this thinkpad feels really good

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