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My ideal (and probably impossible) future of tech is a world where everyone (or every household and business) owns their own server(s) (maybe colocated?) that runs all their stuff, like document sharing, IoT/"smart" devices, social networking, Web caching and searching, etc. etc. and everything is federated so everyone can still interact with each other.

There are things we can do to make this more feasible, but I don't expect it to happen easily or anytime soon.

Let's get ahead of the game this week!

Got Linux-y questions? Got Open Source-y questions?

Ask 'em! Right here! And they just *might* get covered on the next #LinuxThursday.

Could be technical questions. Could be historical. Could be completely theoretical! :)

OK, did OMGUbuntu intentionally left out Brave as a Chromium based browser on Linux? Brave is FLOSS, the others (except Chromium, which is the base for these browsers) are proprietary.

"And since almost every other Chromium-based web browser is available on Linux (including Chromium, Google Chrome, Vivaldi and Opera) it’s a fairly logical assumption to think Edge will join their ranks."

And no we don't need a Microsoft browser on Linux. Especially not a proprietary one. If Microsft loves Linux, they would release this browser as Free Software, and not close source junk.

"Would Edge on Linux be a positive move?

I think so; choice is good for users. Not everyone is a dyed-in-the-wool FOSS fan fan sworn off anything with a vague whiff of proprietary licensing."

OMGUbuntu is shilling for proprietary junk? Why is that? Are they paid by Microsoft?

Oh yeah let our internet habits flow through Microsoft...

I seriously don't understand this attitude, especially one of the biggest Linux user site!

/cc: @schestowitz

#OMGUbuntu #Microsoft #Edge #browsers #FLOSS #ProprietaryBrowsers #chromium

Zig maintainer @andrewrk on "this CI experience is leagues ahead of all others"

"capitalism is good because people won't do things without monetary motivation" bruh people have been doing things literally forever what are you talking about

Some people ask me why I keep saying #deletegithub

The matter of fact is, some high-profile projects respond to it and ask for suggested alternatives

Some actually take steps to eliminate (delete) or leave behind (stale) #github it's working

How to write better code: Be paranoid. Everyone and everything is trying to break your code all the time. Even your own code is trying to break itself. Every input is invalid and malicious, every function call has catastrophically wrong parameters, and everything is compromised, until definitively proven otherwise. It might not be possible to prove otherwise.

My cousin does beautiful pieces of art like these ones. Write some words of encouragement to get her to post it not only to instagram but to aswell =)

Yesterday I developed some little scripts to automate my notes workflow on the terminal and I think it can be integrated with major notes systems like Evernote or Notion. Favorite if you think it will be interesting to make it .

I love GNU/Linux!!!

And every single one of y'all that builds free software!

Imagine being able to work on a passion project for a year without having to worry about finances.

This is a dream, I can find another job but I can't buy the support and progress that Pixelfed has!

Y'all mean a lot to me, and together we will build a better photo sharing alternative ❤️

Having deleted my Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, it feels so good to be able to look at the real people around me, and not stare at a display.

It's also a bit disappointing because I see everyone around me with their faces buried in their phones, constantly scrolling, and sometimes it can be a challenge to get someone to talk to you about something else than what they see at that moment on their precious little screen.

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