YouTube ads nowadays be like "sure, skip this ad"

Ok bud, thanks for the advice.

@polychrome Like someone wearing orthopaedic shoes, I stand corrected.

Gimme some juicy swear words in your native language.

Here's mine (Romanian): băga-mi-aș pula în morții mă-tii (I'd stick my dick in your mother's dead relatives)

Boost this post if you LOVE the bible, and are not afraid to show it!

Linux is just the kernel of the Emacs operating system.

I have a website, where I blog, and I might write a book. IDK. Check it out?

Feedback is welcome.

the lab in one of my CS classes this week has us doing buffer overflow exploits, which is cool, but also reminds me of just how unsafe our software is by default.

A language like OCaml literally never has these problems because it is type and memory safe

I worry about the present society where mathematical insights and programmatic value are meaningful only by proxy of the institution you work in. Careerism is the banality of meaningful progress independent of trying to make good impressions for your boss/department chair/institution. Can we imagine a world where one might prove univalence holds from their kitchen table, because they wanted to not because their grant dollars/tenure rests on it?


Funny how commies call you "comrade" and capitalists call you "fired".

If your girl isn't subscribed to some weird ass telegram channels but sends you funny stickers that you do NOT have, I have bad news for ya

@emacsen that's weird... Not even by using wget or curl in the terminal?

@emacsen IIRC the 1.1.0 installer does have some issues. Have you tried a nightly image?

sad to think that there's probably a nonzero number of people out there whose usual workflow includes using the desktop versions of:

* Discord
* Slack
* Spotify
* VS Code
* GitHub desktop
* some other electron app they use/make at work
* aaand an actual normal web browser

I can only imagine how slow their computer must be having to constantly swap to disk

What if, and hear me out, we stop making languages that don't do generics well...

@torspedia @Yung_Lyun @distrotube Guix compiles from source only the packages that have not been build already by the build farm. Check the "Substitutes" section of the reference manual.

@distrotube If you want a more "traditional" edit-compile cycle for suckless programs, without having to write package definitions for them, check this out:

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