I absolutely adore memorizing syntax and proprietary tooling instead of actually learning something useful. School is awesome!

Yeah PayPal I surely need 11 images in an email to receive a payment confirmation.

thanks twitch i really needed a ton of css and html for a verification code that consists of a bunch of digits.

i hate HTML email

Fuck Twitter. I tried to open a link and it took 10 times longer that it should have cause they really really had to put analytics in the middle. Fuck Twitter.

No no no, that's actually a GOOD thing about Sourcehut, patches and mailing lists are superior to the GitHub model. Everyone has an email - not everyone has or want to have an account on your platform, especially if they just want to send a quick bug report or a simple patch. Don't lock people into your web UI. @fsf


YouTube comments & Africa 

I made the mistake of going through the comments on a political video

My favorite programming language.

(picture stolen from a Telegram group)

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