You can put fortunes into your rofi prompt:

rofi -display-combi "$(fortune -s)" -show combi

don't read if you're Microsoft please 

Always had trouble learning static site generators. Wrote my own in a bash script and had a lot of fun.

I even get auto generation on file changes with some find and entr magic.

I don't want to live in a world were "Free Software supporters" exclude Richard Stallman (or any other TRUE Free Software dude/dudette) from any Free Software event just so they feel "safe".

I mean cool, okay, those are news but... why on Why is a website that should be about Linux talking about Microsoft and Azure Marketplace and voting machines that run Microsoft's software?

I don't really expect an answer that's different from "cause they pay", but if it happens that you have one, please enlighten me.

Oh and the "latest" news about Linux desktop (click on the "Desktop" category) are from April. Yeah... Nice and cool...

Damn you, Fedora, you scared me with that screen!

(I actually like this thing, but the flashbacks hit strong)


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