I'm freaking having fun while using a computer! And by that I mean I feel good doing simple things like opening a terminal or a browser or writing a document etc.

You know you've got a pretty good operating system and great software when people feel good using them for basic stuff.

@brown121407 What system do you use that is so well made? On what computer?

I run Arch Linux (btw) on a desktop PC and my soul fills with happiness every time I touch the keyboard.

I spend a good chunk of my time in a terminal and I also use a tiling wm (i3), both because it fits my workflow and because my hands hurt if I use the mouse too much.

I don't think I can point out exactly *all* the individual things that make it feel so good. Sometimes I feel it's like loving a person. You just do it. The "why" is hard to precisely pin down.

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