hi @Zwarteuil,
as I see you're hosting an anarchist libary. Great! :-)

So you might be interested in taking a look at @inventaire. It's an #opensource plattform for organizing and sharing books directly connected with #wikidata.

And it's free of #google analytics, which is still in use by #tinycat, the libary program you're using.

At #inventaire you can also have groups. Here's an example: inventaire.io/groups/anarchist

From time to time I feel the need to watch the "Terry Davis: Rises to Throne" video and listen to Terry singing Paranoid.

I wish I met Terry.

some fun facts about USSR

- there was zero inflation for 40 years

- average vacation for workers was 20+ days

- highest income gap was 10 to 1

- there was no segregation, professors , nurses, plumbers, everybody just lived in the same housing side by side

- highest paid citizens weren't politicians or CEOs, it was artists, professors, writers, and scientists


If you want a good source for cool mathy stuff that's useful in programming, check out the "Pure & constructive mathematics in theory and use" channel on Telegram:


My favorite programming language.

(picture stolen from a Telegram group)

The shit I do for school takes so much of my time that I can't learn actual valuable things. I have so many books I want to read, so much stuff I want to write, and so many ideas to try to turn into computer programs, but little to no time for any of those.

Just created a super simple nRepl for #serene (simple) and the support for remote expr evaluation to #emacs via `serene-simple-mode` as part of #FG42

Canada has 6 empty homes for every 1 homeless person, this is why we need public housing

a programming course i took last year changed its subjects for 2020. it now includes microsoft office and windows 10 OS basics.
are peopel really so braindead they need to learn that shit in a course for programming? if you cannot figure shit out regarding an office suite or OS in a minute of looking or searching you dont deserve and are not capable of being a programmer. seeing the kind of help people needed in the course forums indicated that many of them shouldn't be there.
fuck i hate lots of people

imagine being a capitalist lmao what fucken losers

In reality, please continue downloading

Download everything you can
Archive all the things

Fuck companies trying to restrict access and freedom over information, media, our communications, our personal data...

If you're building a website, please consider if it really needs to be that complicated. It almost surely does not.

just woke up from a horrible dream in which a well-meaning 10-year-old wizard had stolen the word "fuck" from the world

i was working with a loose coalition of sailors, cooks, and software people to rediscover it, or create an alternative, because we all needed to yell it frequently to do our jobs

"bazt" and "corm" just weren't working but nobody at the meeting wanted to say it because that's the best we had after a week

@brown121407 me too! I’ve got to the point where I keep trying to use emacs key bindings in any other software I use.

Good oingoing discussion in the GNU ethical repository evaluation for SourceHut thread:


If you want to get an idea of where SourceHut's moral compass lies with respect to these issues, this is a good read for you.

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