due to shortages the hospital is now a symlink to emacs M-x doctor

Didn't know Grenada was a country until this week


Let's make remote-work easier for everyone during these difficult times! We have set up a videoconferencing service based on #jitsi, on a EU-based server with good connectivity.
It's open to everyone and offers all guarantees in term of #privacy
Stay safe!

Lmao ShitHub not letting me or other Owners create repos in our organization.

Please use a libre forge, such as sourcehut.

First match of the event and already more than 21,000 viewers. Nice.

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If you're into real time strategy games or just don't have anything to do, maybe consider checking T90Official's Age of Empires 2 tournament live on Twitch now: m.twitch.tv/t90official

@brown121407 Yet to see a Fosstodon member who is hoarding toilet paper 🤣

W3C standards grow at a pace of about one POSIX every 4 to 6 months


820ms, 50 KiB


4030ms, 4400 KiB

Also GitLab:

Today's one-person-business tip (brought on by early morning bills): Never spend money you don't have. Pay cash or do without.

If you always have the cash for your bills on hand, you can pay your contractors when the invoice arrives. Do that a few times, they'll prioritize your work.

And when your tiny biz hits trouble (it will), they'll probably cut you some slack.

Government is never your friend. Pay them at the last minute.


Mastodon is great but I find it helpful to get out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook once in a while to see how stupid people are and to make me appreciate communities like this even more.

Evolution as an email client looks pretty neat. It even handles threading well when replying to mailing lists (something that lacks in other clients).

It retrieves and sends mail slower than other clients though, on my PC. Weird thing, cause it doesn't have this problem on my laptop...

The GNOME foot logo with the moving fingers in Evolution makes me feel uncomfortable

Man I love GNU/Linux. I started a Manjaro install a few minutes ago, looked a bit on Mastodon and when I looked back the thing was done. Lighting fast.

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