Neovim has adopted for OpenBSD CI 🎉 welcome to Sourcehut!

You can now follow accounts from other Pixelfed instances! 🎉 🚀


this toot travels near the speed of light to bring you big news:

Pixelfed actually federates now. We did it folks.

#ad #pixelfed

Pixelfed federates now! 🎉

Merry Christmas fediverse. #pixelfed

@mlaunois @ndegruchy
Thanks a lot guys, I was totally unaware of that. GitLab it is then.

I have to create an organization on either GitHub or GitLab for a group of teens I'm teaching code to. The majority of them have GitHub accounts and there is only a single one using GitLab.

I like GitLab more because it's open but I don't want to overwhelm them with "yet another account" on "yet another platform".

What do you guys suggest?

When your only hammer is JavaScript, everyone else's thumb looks like a nail

I'm sad that I lived with the impression that PHP is bad (cause people on the internet told me so). It's so freaking easy to do a lot of stuff that would require a day to setup and learn in another languages.

@brown121407 You are not wrong. Many of these JS abominations are almost entirely better suited for moving most of the functionality to the server. The problem is that no one on the team is a back-end guy, nor do they want to be because it doesn’t involve color theory, pictures or using a Mac in an open-concept office with lots of Pinterest and instagram tabs open. 😤. Sorry. It touches a bit of a nerve.

I found a site from the Romanian Ministry of Education where you can get PDF of some of the textbooks we use in school. The concept is extremely cool. The website is pure garbage. It seems to be some JavaScript contraption that can't even be curl'ed and parsed to extract the PDF links.

Please, people, when you have a website with 100 downloadable things, think about the people that would rather write a script than click on every single link.

I'm reading the cheat sheet for PHP (curl and I'm thinking that a lot of projects that use a few gigs of node_modules to get one of those cool JS frameworks could have been a lot lighter and developed a lot faster with a bit of PHP.

(I'm not saying "all JavaScript is useless, go PHP". I don't even _really_ know PHP. I'm saying that I can see a lot of cases where the later is probably a better choice.)

don't read if you're Microsoft please 

"What time is it?" I don't know... it keeps changing.

I love it when I hear my friends (who use Windows) saying "8 gigs or ram is the minimum nowadays" because I can't remember when was the last time I needed more than 4GB for basic stuff on one of my Linux machines. (Yet I can remember needing almost 4GB only for Windows to stay idle).

Playing AAA games is not in the "basic stuff" category and it, of course, requires more memory as many other tasks sure do, but browsing the web and writing documents don't require that much juice.

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