So today I learned that Gitea ( has a first-party public instance for those who don't want to self host! If you're looking for an alternative to maybe check it out!

@Matter What OS are you using? I noticed that a lot on my servers (running Ryzen 7 1700's) when using a Linux distro with an older kernel.

I've also noticed that happening when I had a bad network card in one of my servers. Do you have any extra hardware installed?

@fatboy It was unfortunate that he passed. What Mercury did with Queen was phenomenal!

@brandon That does sound really convenient! I also like the idea of being able to read/respond to emails or maybe do some coding while driving. We'd need fully autonomous cars for that though

@ohthehugemanatee I really enjoy BSD Now and FLOSS Weekly. Late Night Linux is entertaining too!

Whoa, Ubuntu 18.04 is getting 10 years of LTS support.

That's a shots fired to Red Hat.

@Matter Oh true, I forgot how hard it was to get JavaFX going with OpenJDK even a few years ago. Now I remember my Java GUI programming course where I had to some funky stuff to get JavaFX working under Linux (might have been Ubuntu at the time?) w/o using Oracle's JDK. This was early 2015 I believe.

I guess a tool can't be adopted easily if the creator/owner makes it a pain to install and use. Who would have guessed?

I'm surprised more people don't use JavaFX for desktop GUI applications. It's cross-platform, very flexible and it's a mature (or at least maturing) library. Plus you get all of the niceties that come with Java projects like build tools, large ecosystem of libraries.

I know that Java has the common conception of being "slow", but it really hasn't been bad in recent JDK releases.

@crowbyte That's fair, Vikings aren't a bad team to follow, nor are the other four you like (except for maybe the Steelers 😉 ).

Primarily I'm an Eagles fan, and I also follow the Ravens. I do also like to root for players to do well, as that makes the game entertaining when my teams aren't playing 😃

@mike Maybe some of the more "power" users will be turned off, but being more similar to modern Windows would make it a more familiar environment for those less savvy folks who are making the switch. Plus the article said they will have an option to use the old style

This sounds interesting. I've heard some "complaints" about the more traditional look Mint has though I've never felt that way about it myself. I wonder if this kind of option will change people's mind about the DE or will they still be "turned off" because it's too derivative?

"Linux Mint 19.1 Will Feature a 'Modern' Desktop Layout - OMG! Ubuntu!"



Nothing was more soothing to my ears than hearing a user (at work) say "Before we panic, let's see if we can fix the issue ourselves first"

Last night I decided to give OpenSUSE Leap another shot on my laptop and it's been a very good experience so far! Aside from the initial install (which seemed to take FOREVER while downloading packages), everything installed very smoothly from the official repos or through Flatpak. The Gnome 3 desktop doesn't work for me and just kicks me back to the login screen, but that's not important.

It went quickly enough that I actually got Leap installed on two of my machines 😃

Solid work SUSE!

Remember that Chrome-logs-you-into-the-browser thing on a Google Service login thing?

With Chrome 70 Google removed the internal flag to disable that and implemented an opt-out button that _literally_ doesn’t work.

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