I'm surprised more people don't use JavaFX for desktop GUI applications. It's cross-platform, very flexible and it's a mature (or at least maturing) library. Plus you get all of the niceties that come with Java projects like build tools, large ecosystem of libraries.

I know that Java has the common conception of being "slow", but it really hasn't been bad in recent JDK releases.

@brotherballan until a couple of months ago, JavaFX wasn't in OpenJDK, which made it pretty annoying to actually get working. I had a school project that required us to use it, so way before that, was pretty interesting to see it getting included. Would have saved younger me a ton of headaches

@Matter Oh true, I forgot how hard it was to get JavaFX going with OpenJDK even a few years ago. Now I remember my Java GUI programming course where I had to some funky stuff to get JavaFX working under Linux (might have been Ubuntu at the time?) w/o using Oracle's JDK. This was early 2015 I believe.

I guess a tool can't be adopted easily if the creator/owner makes it a pain to install and use. Who would have guessed?

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