I installed Manjaro on my gaming desktop (it hasn't had a working Linux install for a while) and man this went by really quickly! It was such a breeze to install and I've had no issues with the NVIDIA graphics driver or anything.

I'm really impressed with Manjaro. I have no complaints thus far

@brotherballan I used to hop distros a lot for fun, but I've been on Manjaro for an eternity now.

@warpgate9 I hop distros a lot for fun too. I really like exploring the different options available and seeing the different takes on a desktop and server OS.

Longest I've stuck with a desktop OS was OpenSUSE for a couple years when I was in college. There's always something small but frequent that irks me about most distros that makes me switch. I'm too picky 🤷

@brotherballan we have come a long way that somebodies gaming laptop is no longer running Windows.

Now we can go back to give each other a hard time over the choice of distro 😜

#gaming #linux

@Qwxlea Actually, both of my gaming machines dual-boot Windows and Linux. I keep Windows around because I love StarCraft, and I've had mixed results with getting it running under Wine. For everything else though, including my Steam games I use Linux 😀

My older brother is going to make the switch to only Linux on his laptop though, so that's exciting!

... Debian is the best. 😂

Have you thought about putting your gaming partition into a virtual machine? I have had great results with Debian and PCI passthrough (graphics card)!

I have but don't you need a second graphics card and monitor for that? I haven't taken the time to do it myself, but I have seen the success stories with it. I'll have to look into that when I have some spare time (I'm still fighting with one of my servers in my homelab 😠 )

I've always had success with dual-booting, and since I've been using SSDs for my machines I haven't had an issue with rebooting if I absolutely need to switch OSes.


Yes, but chances are, that you have an Intel CPU with integrated graphics which works as a second output :blobthumbsup:

On my desktop I do not, I have an AMD Ryzen 1700X as my CPU. Good guess though ;)


@brotherballan are you using any emulators to play windows games? or are you strictly linux games?

@d4klutz No emulators (unless you count Wine or whatever) and I do prefer Linux games, but there are lots of old games - primarily like 2000-2007 Star Wars games - that I love and only support Windows. Thankfully Steam now has Proton which lets me play those games under Linux easily.

The games I primarily play now are:
StarCraft I & II
Star Wars: Empire at War
SW: Galactic Battlegrounds
Rise/Shadow of the Tomb Raider
I also dabble with Old School Runescape, which has a Linux client

@brotherballan As far as I remember Manjaro is Arch based, correct? Since I don't know Arch I ask, how is the game availability?

@Okton Manjaro is indeed Arch-based. IIRC, they have their own repos which are slightly behind Arch's repos for more testing or something.

Game availability is great! I've been using Arch for playing Steam and GOG games for awhile now, and Steam's Proton tool has worked well for me too. The AUR also has some games and game clients if you want to go that route. Do make sure you can trust whoever the maintainer is before you install things from the AUR though!

@brotherballan that's also been my experience. I've installed several distros over the years and never had one so easy, fast, and enjoyable as Manjaro.

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