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What is it about the letter R?

, and are all incredibly interesting languages. No other letter is as well represented! :D

i wonder whether I should try contributing to

finally got to setting up my own mastodon instance, and it didn't even crash my tiny vps with it's memory requirements (that might change soon :D )
though i'm not quite sure how to do federation stuff yet...

What unit testing framework do people use in C (NOT C++)? Easy integration with cmake would be nice, since that's what I use.

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I wish there was a way to just filter out everything anime. Ruins my mood

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Was attempting to install on a vm today at work, for fun. I really need to get a better understanding of , , and . I got towards the very end of the install, was about to install and realized that I didn't create partitions properly in the beginning of the installation. I learned a lot about in the process I will try again tomorrow.

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Me: Mom, can we get :linux: ?
Mom: No, we have :linux: at home.
:linux: at home: :apple:

I started playing Elite Dangerous today.
Maybe becoming a space trader is my destiny.

Anyone have experience with integrating gitea with jenkins? I have both self-hosted on a vps. From what I see the jenkins gitea plugin is shit.

Hey toots, any laptop recommendations? Priorities:
- good battery life,
- as light as possible,
- preferably 13 inches or less
- not too costly
I'd use it with Linux, mostly browsing and light development (C, Rust, Java), no dedicated graphics card needed.

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Confessions of an insane person: I'm starting to enjoy haskell

spoiler alert 

Ad Astra is the origin story of Silver Surfer

just passed the exam for oracle's java certificate two days ago and it made me feel like a human java compiler (with the human part slipping away beep beep boop)

Caught myself having strong feelings on naming conventions for private static final variables yesterday while looking at a coworker's pull request.
Then stack overflow taught me that the case is not as clear cut as I thought.

private static final Logger logger
private static final Logger LOGGER


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