Apart from @fdroidorg and direct download, you can also ask someone who already has Briar installed to share it with you by going to "Settings" -> "Share this app offline".

@briar it might tell that the app has gained the attraction under this situation...

@briar great timing, taking in account that at least some people started promoting it for no internet situation in Ukraine...

@briar @bad_immigrant Know and share the information, that #briar has builtin sharing mechanism (hamburger menu » settings » share app offline), so one person with Briar installed can provide it for everyone in victinity.

Also, #F-Droid still works, and even without client installed, one can download #briar directly from the page: f-droid.org/packages/org.briar…

And of course the Briar project itself has APK to download: briarproject.org/installing-br…

@briar@fosstodon.org can't launch briar on my Huawei. Briar wants me to allow some powersettings, when I click there it just crashes and tells me that it's not my fault... Next launch the account creation starts anew. Do you mind if I ask if there's any workaround for this?

@briar @blue They're system settings, that Briar only provides shortcut to; maybe try to grant Briar the privileges thru system settings first? Also, consult dontkillmyapp.com/

@briar probably incompetence on Google's part, but still very harmful, espn considering the timing. Hope they sort this out soon.

@wolf480pl @briar
>we didn’t provide Google’s review team with a username and password for testing the app

I wonder how far they will go with this reason. What about Fedi clients then?
@wolf480pl @briar brb providing Google a testing acc on google-review-team@are.monkeys.social

@a1ba Ask Tusky. Same thing with account credentials. One must think they do not even understand what they test. Shall I top it? Ask the author of Catima, an app that does not even request the Internet permission. Guess what – or read on: sylviavanos.nl/blog/2021/12/24 @briar @wolf480pl

@briar Judging from the #Briar statement, it looks like a mistake on the part of Google‘s review team, more than anything else.

@thisisfilber7 @briar same. Generally for this reason, it's during the review phase and they just decline new releases, but the current one stays.

@briar Well, it should not be a problem -- just provide them with any password, they'll enter it and everybody will be happy.

@briar another proof that algorithms are still stupid...🙄


One more reason not to install anything from google play.

#briar is available again on the play store.

Probably google's review team was thrown off by the existence of an app that works without SSO or the need to provide an email address or phone number, and they didn't have enough imagination to create a username and password 🤣🤬

Although the timing of the removal remains suspect, but by that I don't want to give rise to conspiracy theories.

@briar interesting, how many here think it could only be a mistake. And yet I am thinking, no, no mistake, it's simply cause google is evil.

@briar I'm wondering why Google didn't decided to remove all that malware, spyware, adware and shit games from Google Playstore, insted they decided to remove a fully free/libre, and completely safe app, especially nowadays when Ukrainian people need it so much? What kind of profit they receive because of removing Briar?


February 28 2022 Update (February 28, 13:20 UTC): Briar is available on Google Play again. Briar was briefly removed from Google Play because we didn’t provide Google’s review team with a username and password for testing the app. We provided Google with a username and password for testing and the app is now available again.

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