A common misconception of Briar's threat model is, that it aims to offer anonymity.
In its current state it provides unlinkability but not anonymity. This means nobody else can discover who your contacts are, but your contacts may be able to discover who you are.

The reason for that is a usability trade off, between being an p2p messenger that also works offline and providing anonymity.

For example, Briar shares your Bluetooth address with your contacts so they can connect to you via Bluetooth when they're nearby.

This got addressed in our FAQ:

In future there might be an option to adjust this per contact, or a fork that will focus on anonymity over offline usability.

There's also research happening to improve Briar's meshnet capabilities. While Briar's codebase is modular, Briar alike and compatible apps are likely to emerge in the coming years.
Instead of one to fit all use cases, several that fit the different use cases better might become an emerging solution.

Research will show the path, time will tell.

@briar I would be all for some kind of module system in the front and back end of the coming desktop app if that's doable. I think that would be really cool and it would also allow other clients to choose what they want to include since not all of it has to be on by default!

@briar Interesting, I really have to take a closer look at the technology behind Briar and possibly write a little about it! Decentralized protocols fascinate me be that Blockchains, Direct P2P, Federation or the Matrix P2P project with there Pinecone overlay network which seems to aim for a combination of P2P and Federation. Since I ditched Android I haven't used Briar at all because the GTK app was anything but great (no offense) but the new desktop app could definitely change that. :D

@briar well, my contacts could actually find out about some of my other contacts if I engage in blog post conversations. By that I mean reblogging something adding my own comment to it and someone does the same with my reblogged post and so on. Observing this could allow a contact of mine to make conclusions or assumptions about some of my other contacts and their contacts and so on.

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