Do you use @tails ?

Do you use @briar?


Do you use both, @briar AND @tails?

@briar @tails I tried to make my friends switch to Briar, but wasn't able. Maybe some day... I will try harder!

@SrEstegosaurio @tails
A switch is probably difficult because Briar still lacks some features that people expect from a communication application.

Following features should be available in ~1-2 years:

- asynchronous messaging (once this is done an iOS client becomes possible)
- file sharing
- desktop client

This should make the difference then.

@briar @tails Yep, and till that moment arrives I'll be following the development to see what cool things are you doing!

@briar @SrEstegosaurio @tails Is backup available? My problem with briar is when I am chaning phones, I can't transfer my briar account.

@XxAlexXx @briar @tails Oof, that's also really important too. Wolud be nice a way to make encripted backups of your account. And maybe msg too

@XxAlexXx @SrEstegosaurio @tails
unfortunate backup is not available yet, but it's among the features under current development.

@briar Hi yeah.
Btw a new app arrived with similar features as yours. You could go check it out.
Anonymous Messenger (A peer to peer private anonymous and secure messenger that works over Tor.) -

@briar I do use Tails from time to time (more for fun then anything else) but since I haven't had a Android device for a while now and the GTK client is fairly useless in it's current state I don't use Briar. It's a awesome project tho and has no real competition considering that Tox is a research project and shouldn't be used.

@briar @tails@fosstodon.orgyes of course and my main use case for briar would be tails. In a world where metadata kills, you can't carry a phone.

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