Briar 1.3 was released! It features image attachments, profile pictures, disappearing messages and a re-organized settings screen.

Please refer to our homepage for a complete 1.3 release announcement with screenshots:

@utzer @briar Ah, you meant the update. Sorry, I misunderstood.

@nmke_de @briar ok. Also in their own Repo the 1.3.xx is not there yet.

@briar Yes yes yes YES briar is my favorite. Thanks so much

@briar nice features but please KISS and resist the urge to bloat the app.

And if possible allow the app to be installed on external storage.

@briar I hope the new version of Briar makes its way to @fdroidorg soon.

@adam @fdroidorg @briar I get now 1.3.4 from 19th of May 2021, so it might take a few more days. 😕
@fdroidorg @briar @adam or maybe that is already the latest version... I can't find what is the latest version, it only says 1.3 on the webpage above.

@utzer @fdroidorg @briar I get 1.2.20 (with 1.2.18 and 1.2.16being the older versions). Am I doing it (F-Droid) wrong?

@adam there is a Briar Repo in F-Droid, there you can find a newer version. Check the Briar website, under downloads they explain how to add the repo.

Are image attachments only available in chats? I didn't see them in posts or the forum
@adam @briar @fdroidorg

@lps @adam @briar @fdroidorg I'm wondering the same thing, no idea, maybe my contacts haven't updated theirs? I was able to upload a profile pic though... That's huge...

My fdroid version says it hasn't been updated for 3 weeks but it is version 1.3.4
@adam @briar @fdroidorg

@briar regarding first image attached to toot: isn’t a 2.4 GHz jammer enough to make briar unusable?

@utzer if an attacker makes 2.4 GHz unusable I expect that internet is also unavailable. If no_internet then no_tor.

@txt_file yes, but "Internet" uses so many frequencies, 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi, then 600 MHz upwards for 3G, 4G and 5G, I guess you can jam all of them, but it is a few GHz bandwidth you will have to jam.
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