Around 8000 clients in Myanmar/Burma are connected the Tor network. This does not count the users connected by bridges to Tor.

In Briar all communication goes through Tor, to protect your identity.
To circumvent censorship, Briar gives you access to bridges in case Tor is blocked by your ISP.

In case of internet shutdown, Briar can use Bluetooth and WiFi to pass on messages to your contacts.

Learn more about Briar here:

While Briar could become a reliable option for you, never build your emergency communication around a single method of delivering messages.

Different messengers, will fulfill different needs.
Different methods of using them, will fulfill different needs.

Learn from the lessons anarchists learned, from defending their communities and the lands they belong to:

Skills for Revolutionary Survival: Communications Equipment for Rebels

Thanks for the link. There is also lots good info on survivalist sizes. Search for "off grid communication".
Mostly right wing, but good advice.
Also, don't only use Briar, Tor, etc. That is like walking through a city in full camouflage, and believing you won't be noticed. Have a 'normal behavior' for non sensitive stuff.

I read the article.

FRS Radio is completely ignored. It is 'no license needed' and very short range. For small groups, low range means you won't be noticed from further away.

Using Repeaters means surveillance, and even the possibility of faking.

Also completely ignored is running a mobile 'pirate' am/fm radio station for short amounts of time to spead news.

@rudolf @briar

not all countries allow repeaters on their FRS equivalent either (PMR446 in CEPT countries, Europe plus UK and some others).

also reality is if you buy and use that more specialised equipment without either a valid ham radio or business radio licence you can get in trouble, and both those licences are issued by the governments Communications Ministry (so they know who you are...) >>

@rudolf @briar

I have a UK Business Radio Suppliers Licence (surprisingly easy to get!) - it allows me to use digital and encryption on a variety of frequencies and hire out equipment to others - *but* there is a clause in it that I am personally accountable for what it gets used for and obliged to hand over records of any communications to Her Majesty's Government on request!

@vfrmedia @briar
I think you missed the point. If you are doing something in a smaller group, you do NOT want a longer range. You do NOT want to be heard (or located) by others, you want to whisper not shout. The easy way to do that are low power devices like FRS, PMR, LPD,etc.
As you need no license there is also no reason to hold you for having such a device on you.
The guy who wrote the article knows nothing else than ham, and that is not good.

@rudolf @briar

my point *was* indeed that using the more specialist kit (as opposed to PMR446/LPD etc) can create other issues (I'm a former pirate broadcaster who now works legitimately with a variety of RF based equipment as part of my day job).

That said, opsec is still important, the vets 0,5km away from me use PMR446 and I heard them mentioning the name, breed and (unusual) fur colour of a dog, and was able to find out the dog and its owners location with a simple web search..

@rudolf @briar

coincidentally one of the justifications given for the arrest and detention of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma/Myanmar was that she and her security team had illegally imported non approved portable radio equipment contrary to the country's domestic laws!

@briar interesting but super #geekproblem what tools can be used widely beyond this tiny self intrest group? How can we build bridges to get outside ghettos?

@hamishcampbell There are many tools, that will fulfill different needs.
There's leaflets, newspaper, (pirate)radio, video platforms, neighborhood councils, indymedia/blogs and other radical media outlets...and they are important. There's no single tool you can use, to get all at once.
In order to get out of our silos, we need to reach into social spaces we haven't been before.
It is out of my scope what role Briar would/could play here.


Would you mind to expand on the thing? Briar tries to be as simple as possible to use - we're not there yet but on the right path I believe.

@briar you might find what your looking for by reading back here

Can Briar talk to normal XMPP apps/servers?

@hamishcampbell that are a lot of blog posts.
Any specific you can recommend?

@briar that's all blog posts with the #geekproblem hashtag if you scan through you can find what your looking for. Do you guys know people intrested in #indymediaback

@hamishcampbell @briar
some feedback:

>that's all blog posts with the #geekproblem hashtag if you scan through you can find what your looking for

I'm looking to an answer of what you try to tell me by stating "interesting but super #geekproblem". I can get my own interpretation, but I wanted yours without needing to read through 50+ blogposts.

> Do you guys know people intrested

I'm allergic to see addressing someone with "guys" without knowing their gender and I don't feel being addressed.

@hamishcampbell @briar
#indymediaback sounds interestig. What should I read to get a quick overview of the current state of debate.

@briar IMHO #Briar is very simple to use. And I would stress the word simple!
I tried to use Briar today but it seems that my ISP blocks Tor when using the data plan... I couldn't reach my contact. :-(

In case the issue is really your ISP blocking Tor, you can circumvent this block by enabling bridges.
Go to settings > Connection method for Tor network > choose "Use Tor network with bridges"

To make sure the issue is Tor being blocked, you could install the Tor browser and see if it works.

To see if Briar is connected to the internet over Tor, the internet icon in briar's menu will be green.

Where do these graphs (that show the number of Tor users in each country over time) come from?

Thanks, we might also notice the "source" mentioned in the original graph next time, too. Haha

@briar great to provide a safe communication channel in authoritarian regimes!

@briar Thanks for this great piece of software. I truly think it's very important to have such tool today! I've been playing around with it and I've found out that the problem was my VPN.
Off topic, but I'd been following up on an interview with you ( @briar ) sometime ago.
I lost track of the post and had subsequently inadvertently not returned to complete it.

This is the first time I'd noticed a post from you since having lost track of our back and forth months ago so just wanted to take the opportunity to explain the drop off.
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