After the insight into Samsung last week with #Samsung - The Dark Side of the “Galaxy”, tomorrow DT will publish “The #Apple of My Eye...How Rotten is Your Phone and #Mac?”

#iOS #MacOS #Privacy #PrivacyMatters

@CyberMonkey @Decentralize_today It depends on circumstances. If you don't need asychronous comms, then use #Jami. Otherwise #XMPP, #Wire or #Briar. They all have issues. Jami is gitchy, XMPP is hard for novices, Wire exposes metadata & shares a small subset of #Signal issues, Briar requires face-to-face linking initially. But Signal is the worst of these options.


@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @CyberMonkey @Decentralize_today

> requires face-to-face linking initially

Version 1.2 fixed that:

"This release allows users to add each other securely by exchanging links. Previously users needed to meet in person or ask a mutual contact to introduce them."

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