also has a desktop version. Currently it is only an alpha release so you might run into some bugs.
If you do, please report them back! Here, or even better in its issue tracker:

here’s the blogpost by nico to this release:

And: Nico is looking for someone helping to make it a package.

@briar I would be happy to assist in packaging. I'm no expert but have some experience. How should I get in contact to help out?

thank you for this offer! 😊
The best would be to get in direct contact with Nico.

Here's a quote by Nico:
"If you’re interested in Briar and want to help packaging it for Debian and its derivatives, please comment on the related issue or contact me by email."

the issue is here:

Nico's email and pgp is here:

@briar I get "error: Can't load uri Peer sent fatal TLS alert: Error in protocol version" when I try to flatpak it

@fav Have you tried it again, and the issue remained?

@briar yep, same error... using linux mint if it helps

Ok, then this might due to the reason that only TLS 1.3 connections were allowed to Nico changed that and also allows TLS 1.2 for now.

You might like to test again? Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for testing the alpha version.

here’s the related issue, Nico just responded to:

(feel free to report back to me, or directly to the git issue)

@briar now I get "error: The application app.briar.gtk/x86_64/master requires the runtime org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.36 which was not found" guess it's better for me to wait for the deb or snap... too technical :D

@briar I love that UI; Dead simple and GTK native. Might check it out

@Decentralize_today thank you. Feel invited to mention @briar, so we receive a notification, or/and directly forward it to Nico.

@briar Sounds like you may have *thorny* issues.... :p

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