Good grief, the contradictions in this TechCrunch article on RSS are infuriating.

"RSS greatest failing is the lack of publisher options"

comes just a few lines after

"it is a beautiful manifestation of some of the most visionary principles of the internet, namely transparency and openness."

The point of the protocol is to provide a direct link to content you want delivered. Not for publishers to track who is reading. Not for advertisers to look for trends.

@brian Yea, I kind of wrote that article off. I see a line like this one:

"RSS’ true failings though are on the publisher side, with the most obvious issue being analytics. RSS doesn’t allow publishers to track user behavior."

Yea, that's one of the things I LIKE about RSS. That's not a failing in my book. This article feels more like an effort to push people away from a really good solution using as much FUD as he can muster.

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