Hey web developer friends...

I'm exploring the world of simple build scripts or tools. For example, I'm making a lot of slides these days using Reveal JS. Instead of cloning the repo over and over, I'd like to be able to spin up a template project using the terminal. What's an easy way to do this? I have no idea about where to even look.

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"If you want something as upbeat as Moby Dick or Threads, this may be the Godzilla film you want to see." James Nicoll (of the English Language quote fame) on Godzilla: Planet of Monsters. jamesdavisnicoll.com/review/dr

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The alien civilization was long gone when we found their planet. Only a few crumbling ruins under the vegetation showed where they had lived.
But the ghosts of their music still lingered, for those who could hear the echoes of dreams. Alien words sang: neh-ver-goh-nah-let-yu-dahn
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Ok, thoughts on service workers for web apps? I'm building a registration site for our school district's PD, it would be opt in and show you notifications about new PD added or if a scheduled event is coming in the next day.

Finish one function, introduce 6 new bugs and a broken dependency.

It's 7AM and my kids aren't up yet what do I do?

Time to build out native streams for stations that aren't local.

Oh /MAN/ I'm pumped.

I finally got Google Music streaming through my Raspberry Pi using Pi Musicbox. The device ID needed to be set to an Android device (because Google is insane). Now I can plug the pi into my home stereo and control it through a webapp on my phone.

This is sick.

I might turn off my internet for the rest of the summer. I need a break from interneting.

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“A three kilometer-long space ship laid out like an early 2000s era website:

* NAV at the top/front/head of the ship
* drive section in the FOOTER
* left-hand nav running all the way down the length of the ship
* a CAROUSEL to replicate gravity
* powered by COLDFUSION”


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Luke: ok searching

> mynocks = cute
> my T-16 <3 <3 <3
> effing Death Stars
> ooooooooo ghoooooosts
> i'll show those womp rats i'll show em all they can't run from me forever
> ~~~ Mr Leia Organa ~~~ oooor, sister?? cant decide
> will never get the smell of tauntaun guts out of my jacket
> Hoth or carbon freeze which is colder


Luke: got a lot of feelings man

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@david_ross @paulfree14
Medium is also a closed silo that profits from other people's work. And their comment system is notably horrible.

I can understand posting to your own blog and syndicating to Medium as a concession to the hellscape we live in.

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@david_ross @paulfree14
They absolutely do not support Do Not Track. They take note of it, and tell you that they comply, but the detailed info that you get by clicking through that notice indicates that they absolutely do still track you.

I'm on vacation. All incoming email is marked read and archived immediately. My automatic reply tells people to wire again after July 12. If it's important, they will.

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It's 11 PM and I'm sweating in my house.

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