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Just another service provided by your friendly neighborhood User Group: Meet us Wednesday, 05.02.2020, 19h, in . 😀 :tux: 🙆

Have you voted yet? If you don't know which one to pick, you can always pick :opensuse:! 😉


For 27 days, pictures of the moon were taken at the same time, and same place. Credits Giorgia Hofer

Hey folks, my team at @SUSE is looking for some reinforcement. You'd be working in the SUSE Manager team and it's all about datacenter management software. Your focus would be Salt. So expect to see a lot of Python code, but occasionally also some Java. This is a position. Europe would be ideal, but we've also got someone from Australia on the team. About the people: They are awesome! DM me if you've got questions!

Great presentation by my manager: "Management 101 - Joao Cavalheiro - BarcampLX"

PS: If you aren't already a seasoned and awesome manager, you can get some inspiration there!

Me in the past: I shouldn't be doing computer stuff past 22:00 anyway. Let's automatically shutdown everything at that time.
Me yesterday: WTF? What is going on? Why is everything… ooooooohhhhhhhh

Since one year has passed, I'm starting a new browser tab collection. 😂

All you Rustaceans interested in developing software for system package management, here's a slightly delayed Christmas gift: *official* Rust bindings to librpm, courtesy of!

Check it out! Contributions welcome!

is growing fast and we need your help!

More details in the Hub post below:

Much love ❤️

#36c3 is coming next week. I'd like to say, ordinary people should watch ccc more, even if they were not hackers, geeks, or tech-savy guys. I found some talks on ccc in recent years were friendly to normal people. We need more education about privacy, surveillance and security in this information age in which digital and real life mixed so deeply.

Details on the #coreboot #workshops at #36C3:
* dates: 27th Dec 3pm & 28th Dec 4pm & 29th Dec 3pm
* team up in pairs of two, capacity limit is ~6 to 8 persons
* intended for #newcomers only
* duration: ~2:00h
* build your toolchain, compile coreboot for QEMU
* What are so-called payloads?
* coreboot on real #hardware

You can find us at the Open Source Firmware assembly in the Chaos-West area. Please boost/share, thanks! :) ✨👩🏻‍💻✨

I guess the gist would be this: Cooperative is good for IO bound tasks and preemptive for CPU bound tasks. But preemptive also allows you to potentially recover from unexpected errors, while cooperative just let's your whole application just crash.

Last weekend the two rack servers of my where finally reinstalled with and now form a small cluster with shared storage from my NAS (via NFS). This means that I can freely move VMs between the two nodes. I'm still amazed how fast booting and working with VMs from NFS shares is.

It was a bit tricky to get Proxmox working with DHCP, because it's not supporting this out of the box. Pro tip: Pin the IPs for the interfaces first. Then you don't have to edit config files later.

This is the prime example for why you need to be able to at least open devices. With devices where everything is glue you can't even remove the dust. And oh boy was that necessary!

There are 80 days left to submit a talk for the @opensuse Summit in , which will take place at the end of -

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