@skunksarebetter Not CPU specific, but they are included. Especially in the last 20 years when Intel spoke about it. The curve is flattening and right now it looks like this isn’t changing for CPUs. Especially CPU power dissipation is a problem - a problem that isn’t only eating physical space but also performance. And due to that problem, we cannot rely on automagical performance gains. We need to switch to languages with good concurrency.

Rediscovering the Small Web

"Today's web is mostly commercial. The smaller web of individuals has neither the resources nor the will to compete for visibility and audience the way the commercial web does"

Another great post by @neustadt - welcome to Mastodon by the way, a part of the new small web!


We've just pushed an update to
build.opensuse.org/package/sho. It's the update to Salt 3000.3. Would be nice if you could check if this breaks anything for and give us feedback.

@skunksarebetter I'd argue that just using more cores that take up more space is not in the spirit of Moore's prediction. Of course this is up to interpretation since years now. But since we are talking about multi core CPU's, we'd also have to talk about Amdahl's law. How good are more transistors, if you can't leverage them with the same efficiency?

Today I read an article about a new “small” computer that comes with a CPU with 10 cores. Moore’s law couldn’t be more dead. If your favourite language has bad or no concurrency, then it’s dying too. Maybe not immediately, but it’s already starting to decompose a little bit.

This Friday 15:00 CEST the first @UyuniProject Community Hours take place. Would be nice to see you there if you are interested in the topic.


@opensuse Open Build Service has switched to the new authentication system. To continue to work with build.opensuse.org, you will need to set the new password Get more info at idp-portal-info.suse.com

Interview about how SLE and Leap might (almost) bw twins in the future.


From Twitter: twitter.com/tfir_io/status/125

"SUSE and @opensuse are working together to bring openSUSE and SLE closer so developers can easily move from development environment to production machine. Watch our exclusive interview with the community and the company."


If you are using an older and unpatched version of Salt, you can (and really should) get a patch from here: saltstack.com/lp/request-patch
The current releases (2019 and 3000) got updated at least in the , and repos. I guess others did too!

Today I've reviewed the biggest pull request not adding static files or vendored code in my programmer career so far. Thanks to @SchoolGuy the documentation for will improve tremendously! This was a huge amount of work from his side!


@cavaliertusky 4x1 meter. Height is also around 1 meter. No plan. I saw something like this once and then I went to the hardware store to see what they had.
The things you can't see here are the root vole protection (aka netting wire) and the plastic sheet that separates the wood from the soil so that it won't rot that fast.

Did you know that IT people can also sometimes build useful stuff? 😉

@dpreacher Oh, sorry. Totally missed your other reply and just saw it. Never mind!


@dpreacher Have you found an answer to this? You could also try the Telegram or Discord chat.


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