We are happy to announce that @opensuse Leap 15.2 has reached the beta phase of the rolling development model. Multiple beta builds will be released until the final , at which point it will transition to & updates 😀 - bit.ly/2HUDPI0

Get an overview about @opensuse from the openSUSE.Asia Summit with board members Axel Braun, Simon Less, and Gerald Pfeifer... youtu.be/9N_1Ls0ycik

@fatboy I have three of your kind living under the same roof with me. I'm doomed!

I'm your worst nightmare.....

I'm a morning person!

Just approved the talks for the @opensuse Summit Dublin - events.opensuse.org/conference Some pretty cool topics. Hope to have the schedule out next week.

Just another service provided by your friendly neighborhood User Group: Meet us Wednesday, 05.02.2020, 19h, in . 😀 :tux: 🙆


Have you voted yet? If you don't know which one to pick, you can always pick :opensuse:! 😉


@dpreacher Sorry for the late reply. I don't exactly know what you mean. Don't you see the SUSE jobs page? But that's true, SUSE is no longer with MF. But we still use some of the services MF offers. It's not like there was a a really dirty divorce! 😉


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For 27 days, pictures of the moon were taken at the same time, and same place. Credits Giorgia Hofer

@SharksOnCoffee Ah, and the meetings. There used to be one where the whole team came to Nürnberg Germany, but now we are trying to switch to two meetings a year. Both for one week.

@SharksOnCoffee Not that I’m aware of. Also Europe is not a hard requirement. It’s just that the rest of the team is located in Europe (with one exception for Australia) and that would make things easier.

@Gina I couldn't do low carb. That would be my death, since I'm vegan and there would be nothing left to eat! 😂 But we also switched to eating more nuts and recently found out that you have to (if you are eating them daily) soak tem in salt water in order to get rid of the phytic acid and lectins. Eating slowly comes more and more work. I guess you are right: If we skip eating because it becomes a hassle, there is more freedom to the mind *and* you loose weight automatically! 🤔

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