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This is the energy consumption of one of my rack servers while spinning up and down some virtual machines while performing some tasks. As you can see, the difference is not that big. So having a big machine for only a single purpose that isn't leveraging the whole machine is pure waste.

Heavy weapon warning. 

I think I'll try the slingshot approach to problem solving in the future! 😜

A git repo for sources, one for docs, one for issues and one for pull request. This is Pagure from . And since everything is in git repos, you can use tools like pag-off to take everything offline with you… and not only the sources.

TIL: The @opensuse transactional server is using overlays for /etc since some time. 👍

I'm I seeing anybody here at the openSUSE Conference this weekend in Nürnberg Germany?

Sometimes I'm doing weird stuff. Yes, it is a blow dryer in the background. I'm running Python benchmarks. Explains everything - right? 😃

And here is the next addition to the : A trusty old HP600, which will primarily be use for containers. LXD, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Every online service should have that feature! In this case it's Telegram.

Every morning this really, really sad cyclops is greeting me. Please @kde, can't you make him happy! 😉

Setting up KVM is a no-brainer. Just installing the packages is enough. Really couldn't be easier. And since I don't want to do everything via CLI, you can see libvirt in combination with virt-manager here in action.
Next thing on the list is making this reproducible with .

And since I won't be in the basement all the time, this is the view I'll have most of the time. The performance is really good of course. If they only had a little bit more RAM! Next thing is the setup of KVM and LXD.

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Apparently I can't typo anymore. 😆 The NAS (it) is of course *on* top.
However, at first I thought about installing Proxmox, but then went for @opensuse Leap 15 for various reasons. Installation was pretty smooth. Only odd things was that openSUSE tried to install the bootloader to MBR and not to the boot partition. But that was easy to fix.

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Good news form the basement. I was finally able to do the wiring. One of the rack server is already running and the NAS has also moved there. Unfortunately the NAS is not 19", but there is enough space to just put in in top for now.

While it's still getting dark pretty early, this is much nicer for the eyes. :opensuse: :kde:

Everything got a bit delayed because of sickness, but soon the wiring will also be finished. At least the two cables are now in the cable duct.
The first image shows the office room and the second one the basement.

Looks like I've got everything for the cabling now. Although it looks like I can fit two cables into the cable duct (is it actually called like that?) instead of only one. So I might need two more keystones. But this has to wait until the weekend anyway.

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