Did you know that IT people can also sometimes build useful stuff? 😉

Since one year has passed, I'm starting a new browser tab collection. 😂

Last weekend the two rack servers of my where finally reinstalled with and now form a small cluster with shared storage from my NAS (via NFS). This means that I can freely move VMs between the two nodes. I'm still amazed how fast booting and working with VMs from NFS shares is.

It was a bit tricky to get Proxmox working with DHCP, because it's not supporting this out of the box. Pro tip: Pin the IPs for the interfaces first. Then you don't have to edit config files later.

This is the prime example for why you need to be able to at least open devices. With devices where everything is glue you can't even remove the dust. And oh boy was that necessary!

This was the Chrombook of my mother. An ASUS CB5-311 with an ARM CPU. This thing is pretty fast and can be used for 12 hours straight on one charge. But Google decided to EOL it and not release updates anymore.
I'd like to not throw it away. What options are left? Chromium OS builds seem to be tricky, because of the ARM CPU. Is there a way to install a "normal" Linux? I mean a proper installation not chrooted with crouton.

That’s what you get when you let a software developer have a soldering iron.🔥

This is the German version of „Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams“. This book was first published 1987 and then got the last update 2013. But it’s funny that the problems are still the same. It’s like people didn’t change that much. 😉

Reading a book from 2008 about a family of languages that existed for (back then) fifty years and it couldn’t be more relevant to me.

It doesn’t get much hackier today. Running performance benchmarks on a and I still don’t have a proper cooling. So I grabbed an old fan and attached it to a 12V power supply from an old router.

This is Oscar. Oscar is a t410 and part of my setup. I’m mainly using it for SSH connections and to search for stuff on the internet. So no heavy workloads. Sadly Oscar became painfully slow with the latest releases, so I decided to replace the HDD with an SSD. Boy is that thing fast now. 🚀
And the best part: Replacing the HDD couldn't be simpler. There should be more laptops like the ThinkPad t series!

Here we go. Now all of the trees in the forest can fall on my landline. I’ve got a backup! 😂

I need a backup for DSL connection, so I was looking to outdoor LTE modems and found this ALFA Networks Tube-U4Gv2-E.

The good news: It's working out of the box with .

The bad news: My is not recognizing it. It says it's an unknown device. Anybody with an advice?

This is the energy consumption of one of my rack servers while spinning up and down some virtual machines while performing some tasks. As you can see, the difference is not that big. So having a big machine for only a single purpose that isn't leveraging the whole machine is pure waste.

Heavy weapon warning. 

I think I'll try the slingshot approach to problem solving in the future! 😜

A git repo for sources, one for docs, one for issues and one for pull request. This is Pagure from . And since everything is in git repos, you can use tools like pag-off to take everything offline with you… and not only the sources.

TIL: The @opensuse transactional server is using overlays for /etc since some time. 👍

I'm I seeing anybody here at the openSUSE Conference this weekend in Nürnberg Germany?

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