This is freaking awesome news! But on top of that I would also like to see server CPUs, because it's increasingly not only about economics, but also about trust. I would like to have open source hardware, where you can see that the thing is manufactured according to the specs. And further investment in would be nice for that matter.

"EU Signs €145bn declaration to develop next gen processors and 2nm technology"

@brejoc hmm. What about taking this billions against climate disaster instead of fancy computers?

@hamjb It's almost never about money but will. Where there is a will, there is money. But more importantly fighting climate change is more about stopping exzessive consume and for a few mighty people about not having return on investment. And there we are back to the will.

@brejoc like building up huge space things. Even if I like watching star trek, doesn't make any sense to improve this, but not caring planet.
Even if a few could escape to Mars, they had to live very limited, and if things are broken and no new parts from mother earth, it's gone.

@hamjb In an ideal world fighting climate change would have highest priority, just like it should be. But we are not living in an ideal world. Everything is much more complicated and on top of that we are still talking about the will of super rich or influential people to change this or something else.

I think it's likely that we'll see #riscv in servers before we see it in consumer hardware.

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