Hey folks, my team at @SUSE is looking for some reinforcement. You'd be working in the SUSE Manager team and it's all about datacenter management software. Your focus would be Salt. So expect to see a lot of Python code, but occasionally also some Java. This is a position. Europe would be ideal, but we've also got someone from Australia on the team. About the people: They are awesome! DM me if you've got questions!

@brejoc @SUSE I'm not yet qualified for a sr eng job but boosting anyway because working for an OSS company or Linux distro is a a dream of mine.

@brejoc @SUSE ❤️ Saltstack. Are you using Reclass with it?

@brejoc @SUSE the job application portal is still of MF. Hadn't they sold off suse last year?

@dpreacher Sorry for the late reply. I don't exactly know what you mean. Don't you see the SUSE jobs page? But that's true, SUSE is no longer with MF. But we still use some of the services MF offers. It's not like there was a a really dirty divorce! 😉


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