This is Oscar. Oscar is a t410 and part of my setup. I’m mainly using it for SSH connections and to search for stuff on the internet. So no heavy workloads. Sadly Oscar became painfully slow with the latest releases, so I decided to replace the HDD with an SSD. Boy is that thing fast now. 🚀
And the best part: Replacing the HDD couldn't be simpler. There should be more laptops like the ThinkPad t series!

@brejoc ThinkPad. I have an X220 for sysadmin stuff at work and looking to upgrade to the T-series for additional capabilities and performance.

@brejoc Love the charging indicator! I have a T570 and it is so satisfying to type on it.

@cavaliertusky That's true. The keyboard is really good. In fact I liked it so much, that I got the ThinkPad Compact USB with TrackPoint. I love the mouse buttons and that in most of the cases I don't have to move my hand to the mouse.

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