Microsoft Japan tested the 4-day work week and got great results. I remember seeing similar results from other companies that tested that or even sticked with this. Could even be better for the environment.

And here is the solution:

In case this is still needed: isDraft :) a friend of mine asked similar question few days ago :)

Is there no way to see if a pull request is a draft with the GraphQL API? 😉

Blood money is fine with us, says GitLab: Vetting non-evil customers is ‘time consuming, potentially distracting’

Via @danslerush

Yesterday I've been packaging a little app and I have two findings to share:

1. Go Modules makes packaging Go pretty easy – also for older Go versions because of vendoring. Of course vendoring causes other problems, but let's not talk about that now.

2. Working with the @opensuse Build Service (OBS) on 30 is completely seamless. Everything works just out of the box (dnf install osc). You can test-build locally and then commit everything to OBS. Awesome!

Right now only @opensuse Tumbleweed has a package out of the box. But you can also install the same Clojure (and Leiningen) on Leap 15.1.

Everybody dealing with free software should read this. A little history lesson is also included. 😉

I had to read about the cookie foobar we have because of the . This page seems to be useful:
So websites that only have "essential" cookies, that are used to have a working webpage only need a warning that cookies are used. That's good! Annoying, but at least you don't have to have full blown cookie mngmnt in this case. Because there are some frameworks out there, that won't let you disable all cookies… and if you need CSRF tokens, aso, you probably can't disable it.

Reading a book from 2008 about a family of languages that existed for (back then) fifty years and it couldn’t be more relevant to me.

👾👾👾I'm looking for a talented and pasionnate PHP developer, who:
- likes to hack and improve things
- likes to work in distributed, multi-cultural teams
- is confortable with remote work
For those interested please send me an email to:, with a resume...

🤖🤖🤖/e/ is looking for a talented and pasionnate Java/Kotlin hacker to work on a complex API reverse engineering mission.

- like to understand, improve and fix things
- be confortable with remote position

For those interested please send me an email to:, with a resume...

And it looks like @salesforce can indeed keep their white vest.

I don't think that you are responsible for everything your users do with your software. But there is no way they didn't know… and they decided for the money and agains the victims!

Do you feel lonely? 

If you have a company and you know that one of your customers is making money with sex trafficking of children. And you are the one enabling that. What would you do? Well, looks like Salesforce decided to take the money and to keep a white vest. 😳

Yesterday I published a blog post about how to embed binaries in shell scripts. Joker in this case. A interpreter that is very, very close to written in .

When we grow up and learning how things work, we tend to think it was like this forever. Nice reminder by Barbara Liskov that it wasn't.

In you can get the s-expression like this:
julia> Meta.show_sexpr(ex3)
(:call, :/, (:call, :+, 4, 4), 2)

So it’s a on the inside? 🤔

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