The English word "fascinate" comes from "To use the power of the fascinus" ("to use magic", "To bewitch").
What is Fascinus you may ask? Oh just an erect penis amulet that the Romans used to ward off the evil eye.

Attached is a rather dashing example of such an amulet which is more than just "an erect penis" (more common) and is basically some kind of erotic D&D monster.

I've just signed a petition urging electronics manufacturers to make their devices easier to repair: thepetitionsite.com/takeaction

I think this is important for us tinkerers and gadget lovers. We want our gadgets to be more sustainable (or at least I do)!

Just ran my first unikernel VM with Unik. Unik makes it pretty easy to build such a unikernel VM, but I'm still not convinced that this is better (and much more secure) than a lightweight Linux that just starts the service.
I'd like to see how well this would integrate into something like Kubernetes.


Took me 45 minutes to figure out that AppArmor prevented qemu from accessing my NFS share. 🤦‍♂️
Guess I'll have to update the profile.

The car I ordered pulls up, IDs me, and opens the door. I get in.
"Lock. Full privacy. Quiet. Lights out."
The windows blacken, and noise cancelling is activated. I sit back and breathe. After a couple of minutes, the car asks "Destination?"
"I am where I need to be," I say.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Just a little more than a week to cast your vote for the @opensuse Board. The election committee & candidates put forth a fantastic effort to give voters information to make an informed decision. Return the favor by casting your ! bit.ly/2TwLvEp

Setting up KVM is a no-brainer. Just installing the packages is enough. Really couldn't be easier. And since I don't want to do everything via CLI, you can see libvirt in combination with virt-manager here in action.
Next thing on the list is making this reproducible with .

Since I'm really curious, I'd like to ask everybody to also post their . Come on boys, girls and everything in between above and beyond. That would be really awesome! 👍

And since I won't be in the basement all the time, this is the view I'll have most of the time. The performance is really good of course. If they only had a little bit more RAM! Next thing is the setup of KVM and LXD.

Apparently I can't typo anymore. 😆 The NAS (it) is of course *on* top.
However, at first I thought about installing Proxmox, but then went for @opensuse Leap 15 for various reasons. Installation was pretty smooth. Only odd things was that openSUSE tried to install the bootloader to MBR and not to the boot partition. But that was easy to fix.

Good news form the basement. I was finally able to do the wiring. One of the rack server is already running and the NAS has also moved there. Unfortunately the NAS is not 19", but there is enough space to just put in in top for now.

I'm a bit puzzled by ASP.NET Razor. This looks a lot like the really bad old PHP times. Am I missing something?


I'm happy to see those optimisations here. Especially since Gnome is lacking a lot compared to KDE in that area. But I can't get rid of the feeling that JavaScript should be stripped out completely. The expected benefits and hoards of JS-developers just didn't come and now Gnome only has to deal with the downsides.


Wouldn't it be nice to have Capsicums in the Linux kernel? The FreeBSD volks seem to be pretty excited about it. 🤔
On the other hand Linux has AppArmor and SELinux and there would probably be a lot of overlap. Anyone here with a little bit more insight?


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