*sigh* "As an example, in our paper we demonstrate an attack against OpenSSH in which we use RAMBleed to leak a 2048 bit RSA key. However, RAMBleed can be used for reading other data as well." rambleed.com

For good reasons: "Mozilla returns crypto-signed website packaging spec to sender – yes, it's Google"

Quite a good wrap-up of what's going on: #openSUSE considers governance options lwn.net/Articles/788935/

Heavy weapon warning. 

The search and Kiwi editor pages of #OpenBuildService are now part of the revamped user interface:

Join the beta program and of course give feedback (see How Give Us Feedback):

@nextcloud is by far the easiest way to get a complete, 100% #OpenSource, fully self-hosted solution that can replace Office 365 or Google Apps. 😎

Frank @Karlitschek with a small selection of the nearly 200 apps for Nextcloud at #oSC19:


Today I gave a talk on #opensource #firmware, featuring #coreboot and #LinuxBoot of course. :) I want to see more synergies between #kernel and firmware development. ;)

Slides: metaspora.org/open-source-firm
Recording will be here soon: media.ccc.de/c/osc19

Happy to attend the openSUSE conference in Nürnberg. It’s always a fun event. Tomorrow I will give a talk about the Nextcloud App Ecosystem. events.opensuse.org/conference

A git repo for sources, one for docs, one for issues and one for pull request. This is Pagure from . And since everything is in git repos, you can use tools like pag-off to take everything offline with you… and not only the sources.

TIL: The @opensuse transactional server is using overlays for /etc since some time. 👍

I'm I seeing anybody here at the openSUSE Conference this weekend in Nürnberg Germany?

The release of @opensuse Leap 15.1 provides adopters a reliable server operating system for deploying IT services and the tools, languages and libraries to have fun - bit.ly/2Vpf1jA

This week GNU Guix has reached its first stable 1.0 release! Guix is a package manager that you can use on your own distribution, or you can use the full system configuration as a complete distribution of the GNU operating system! Among other incredible features include the GNU Shepherd PID-1 and service manager, containerization, functionally-oriented packages, rollbacks, incremental upgrades, declarative configuration, bootstrappability, reproducibility, and freedom!


Next week Sunday (May 19th) there will be protest marches all across Europe, calling for a Europe for everyone, without the ultra-conservative nationalists and right-wing populists that are currently gaining hold all across the EU.
I will be in the protest in Cologne, will you join your closest one as well?

Getting a smartphone with /e/ pre-installed is an awesome thing for everybody with limited time or who is not willing to risk flashing it on their own! Really nice!

A friend in work told me about this site. It’s good fun if you want to brush up your Linux CLI skills. The levels get progressively more difficult, I’m sure there’s something in here for most to learn from.


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