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#DnD is a roleplaying game that let's you live out such fantasies as:
- Having money
- Making close friends as an adult
- Traveling the world without crippling debt
- Being able to change the world
- Getting better at something with practice
- Getting 8 hours of sleep each night

All servers but the NAS in my now get powered down in the evening and one even started again in the morning. The IBM servers even get cut off from the power grid completely with smart plugs from AVM. Otherwise they would consume 20 watts while being powered off, because the fans are still running. All of this with a little help from Salt and two cron jobs.

Look at this sexy Fosstodon sticker by yours truly! LOOK AT IT! BASK IN ITS RADIANT ADORABLENESS!!!
In the near future one just like it can be yours if you're a Fosstodon supporter (and why wouldn't you be?)
Check @mike or @kev s accounts in the near future about how you too can have the cutest laptopsticker ever made

Matrix: "An attacker gained access to the servers hosting The intruder had access to the production databases, potentially giving them access to unencrypted message data, password hashes and access tokens. As a precaution, if you're a user you should change your password now."

Ups! Passwörter ändern!

If you’ve got a lot to do with changelogs in , you might find bscdiff useful. This little tool allows you to compare two changelogs to find missing bugzilla, CVE and issue numbers.

Ok folks, the are now ready. We have a _very_ limited number for this initial run of stickers. If we get enough interest, we will get more.

Order your stickers here:

Could anybody with a deeper understanding of please take a look here? Is this the right way to enable seccomp only for Linux? seccomp_linux.go with the suffix and doing the whitelisting in init()?

I see great Fosstodon stickers in my future! 😀

Facebook–security team spots 146GB dataset containing 540 million records of Facebook users:

– dataset includes comments, likes, reactions, account names, Facebook IDs, and more
– origin of the leak is the Mexico-based media company Cultura Colectiva that develops third-party apps
– a second dataset contains 22,000 cleartext passwords from 2014

#facebook #leak #culturacolectiva #privacy #infosec #cybersecurity #security

Version 1.2 of the lib for onlinebrief24 now finally supports Python3. Yeah I know, it's about time.

I’ve just noticed that pypi somehow lost the downloads for onlinebrief24. So here they are again, and ‘pip install onlinebrief24’ is working again.

Party like it's 1996! Play your favorite N64 games with MupenGUI for elementary OS. #GetItOnAppCenter

You like #Linux especially @opensuse? Maybe you have just getting started with Linux and you want to contribute to a friendly neighborhood #FOSS project? There are many ways for you to participate. 😇

« Behörde will unliebsame Berichterstattung zu #Glyphosat unterdrücken: Das Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung mahnt das Transparenzportal @fragdenstaat wegen der Veröffentlichung eines behördlichen Glyphosat-Gutachtens ab. »

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