so I have been considering switching from apache to nginx... I am running many services on numerous virtual hosts, including several reverse proxies... do you think I will notice considerable performance increase by switching to nginx? Especially my Nextcloud+CollaboraOffice has gotten slow with latest updates.... thx

@gabor Is there lots of concurrent traffic on some of those vhosts, or is it mostly just personal stuff? As far as I understand, nginx is better dealing with concurrent connections, but that might not make a big difference for smaller projects.

@gabor Right, in that case I guess it depends whether you use a lot of Apache specific features (htaccess and the like). If you do, it might not be worth the effort to port everything.

Of course, if you want to try migrating to nginx out of curiosity, then this kind of personal project could be the ideal.

@brecht actually I am not that hot about moving all the config and learning the syntax. I got everything running nice and stable with Apache for now... it's just that I see most new open source projects having better support for nginx and I was wondering if migrating is something I would have to do sooner or later anyway...


@gabor I'd be very surprise if Apache lacked any core features to run those newer projects. But you're right, there's a lot more documentation for nginx these days, so it's probably useful to at least understand the syntax on a higher level to be able to "translate" it to Apache.

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