Ironically, when you make tons of money, it loses its value; and when you don't make "enough", it's all you think about!


I really appreciate these kinds of informative posts


The really interesting thing, though, is that most, if not all computer programming languages insist on using the decimal point!


'My contract for 0.30/m3 will last until next summer.

They also told me current contracts are going for 1.50/m3, variable contracts for ~1.90/m3"

can NEVER get over using the comma instead of the decimal point!!! Looks sooo wrong!


"Open-source is a development methodology. Free Software is a social movement"


How many daily "mutes" or "blocks" do you do?

Two words: Ken Thompson... if you don't know who that is, you probably chose the first choice.

I use C, exclusively. (Ritchie and Thompson)


Bezos is more than fine.. There is way too much estrogen On TV and news these days!!


Not really sure what's "harsh" about that! It's a simple fact of life.


If you think that's great! I wonder what you'll say when you try void "linux" or Devuan GNU/Linux.



That actually would be quite cool. Paradoxically, the point of getting a dumb phone to begin with is not to have "data" with your phone plan. Maybe one should get a data plan with the computer, instead

@mjjzf @fatboy

I was not aware that ANYTHING existed past C99! Actually I KNOW nothing exists past C99!


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