I attempted to apply for a "software engineering" position with a company called "Commvault".

I have recently received their "interview" guidelines, and let me tell you, I was totally creeped out!

Their "online assessment" for everybody (including professionals) necessitated the use of a live camera, mic, and screen capture!!

I have 15 years of experience, and almost two advanced CS degrees. So when I received that, I told their HR a how disappointed I was, and withdrew my application!

Clearly, printing the square brackets of a matrix or vector in pure HTML/CSS is a closely kept secret! Any of you guys know how to do this?

Is Slackware GNU/Linux dying?

Is Gentoo GNU/Linux dying?

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Anybody thinks this is a good idea?


or thinks that ANY of REKOR company's products are ok?


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Make Noon Noon Again - Abolish Daylight Savings Time

If you want more sun you can just pick a different number on the clock to get up at?

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Remember getting locked out of your Google account? Well Apple's no better, and they'll give you just as much of the runaround as Google will in trying to get your account back.

Leave Apple while you can. Diversify your account portfolio, and I'm not talking about


Anybody using GNU Hurd on real hardware?

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People of fosstodon, do you find yourself more productive in specific computers?

I have a modern desktop, a thinkpad t490 and a thinkpad x220, and despite my x220 being the oldest one, with worse screen and hardware, everytime I use it, I feel much more productive. All of them run the same OS and software loadout.

This could be a "correlation is not causation" thing, but I wonder if anyone here feels the same.

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Okay. I'm giving up on Sway for now. Wayland is making me angry. Lol. Back to i3 for the time being. But I'm sticking with Artix and ditching Systemd. :artix:

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: I know it's not totally made with free softwares (at least ) BUT amazing pieces from Marceau NAKAYAMA !! 🤩 The nostalgic story of two brothers (that reminds me a little Tekkonkinkreet / 鉄コン筋クリート) marceaunk.com

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Instead of YouTube use LBRY, Odysee or PeerTube
Instead of Twitter use Mastodon
Instead of FaceBook stop putting your personal life on the internet

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Honestly looking forward to slackware 15... And actually looking forward to rebuilding all of my usual apps and utilities. I can solve a bunch of stupid problems I've been avoiding with that blank slate!

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