Star Trek: Discovery 

@Natsura I really enjoyed it. There is a shift in tone and scenery and I think it really works.

@mookie I have not, but I saw you mentioned it in your review so I'm definitely going to check it out.

@mookie I loved this documentary. One of my favorite video game docs ever made.

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I created this "Maslow's hierarchy of jobs" about 20 years go. Iv'e found to be good guide for when was time to move on (or stay). If you're failing at one or more of the lower 5 levels (pay not likely to continue, getting paid but nobody cares what you do) might be time to find a more productive gig.

You probably won't see this from HR in goals setting and performance management sessions.

@mike Hey Mike, I'm interested in reading the article you mentioned in your post. Can you point me in the right direction?

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What is your favorite blog post that advocates for fediverse use that i could send to a normie?

Something that covers what the fedi is, why its better than centralized, and why they should use it.

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Bloody hell, @mike is going in for round 2 of - I failed miserably last year due to some personal stuff going on, so I’ve been thinking about having another crack at it for 2021 too.

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Ladies and gents, I'd like to introduce you to Simple.css - a new classless CSS framework built by yours truly.

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@brandonsjournal I love this post. Your summary of what blogging should be reflects my journey and purpose entirely.

I simply love thinking through something, writing it down, reflecting and then hitting the publish button. If one person reads my post; that's wonderful. If more read; even more so. But isn't a joy just to write and enjoy the freedom of expression it brings?

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