Today, I checked my stats on my blog and discovered some fellow bloggers had responded to and mentioned my post on Shame and Blogging ( from a week ago.

I gotta say, after years of feeling like I was writing to no one its nice to know that I've found a community of bloggers through, , and Mastodon that support one another. These past few months have been the most rewarding time I've spent on the internet ever.

@brandonsjournal I'm actually pretty happy and thrilled for you! I feel the same when someone out of the blue stops by - it makes the process feel a bit more human :)

@brandonsjournal the same for me.
I get 4000 visits on my Linux blog. Most from Google, people looking my how-to's. Well, not actually my ones, any one, Google decides mines to be on top of page.
But this new blog I have started because of #100DaysToOffload get visits from #fosstodon mainly, people really interested in reading what I have posted.

@brandonsjournal I actually just clicked through and read that article of yours. You've got a really good point! Color me interested.

@brandonsjournal I love this post. Your summary of what blogging should be reflects my journey and purpose entirely.

I simply love thinking through something, writing it down, reflecting and then hitting the publish button. If one person reads my post; that's wonderful. If more read; even more so. But isn't a joy just to write and enjoy the freedom of expression it brings?

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