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When you haven't touched an unfinished project for so long you have to re-read your code in its entirety just to understand what the heck is going on

I know it’s not up to me to solve the world’s problems but they are weighing heavy on me today. The suffering I’ve seen and the absolute terror that people are feeling hurts down to my core. To know evil like that exists on earth (and I know this scratches just the surface)…it’s scary and it hurts.

I’ve had to mute the topics in question. I love you all, stay safe.

I’m gonna spend the rest of the night reading about moral philosophy…cuz I have a college book still that is on it

How do you pronounce UEFI?

Welp that was a week and a half! I felt so unproductive, was so tired, and on top of all that got a throat/sinus infection that lasted since last week… not the best way to spend a week working.

Sure I could have stayed home and sure I could have taken days off, but then none of the work I got done (even if it wasn’t much) would have gotten done and I’d have double duty next week.

Will be relaxing as much as possible this weekend. What are y’all up to?

Been having issues at work with the 16 inch MacBook Pro connecting to thunderbolt docking stations that have a display connected. Apple points the finger at the manufacturer and the manufacturer points the finger at Apple… where is the justice for the users who suffer?

I mean I was going to read some news articles about an hour and a half ago, profession obsessing over social media for the past hour and a half… awesome.

Aww crap I forgot that replying with the visibility set to public on my own toot STILL posts to the local timeline.

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Which apparently isn’t really meant for Mastodon? It’s basically just twitter but for Mastodon servers?

Idk what he’s going on about with random usage tests and people being confused about geographic locations with servers being a “new concept”.

Like I understand that some folks aren’t really technologically inclined but I don’t think the solution is to limit usage and discovery entirely.

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Let’s try this again, why is it written publish instead of toot? Why is it written reblog instead of boost? Why are the replies in this weird rectangle thing? Also, why can I not just save as draft if something is not posting?

So I virtualized my router…and somehow it’s MORE stable than when it was running on bare metal…

Sometimes I think of making an account that only publishes the stupid shit that people think IT takes care of.

No MAUDE we won’t give you the tape that we got from office management. Go get your own damn tape.

No Jeff you can’t use our fucking stapler! Go use the one you can get from office management!

PCI passthrough was a pain in the ass to get working.

Finally figured out I had to pass `pci_acs_override=downstream,multifunction` to the kernel to enable the ACS patches so that I could separate the RealTek NIC from the electrical IOMMU group that it was sharing with the storage controller

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Maybe want to go with PCI pass through as the NIC to be used is pci

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pfSense works fine with the new modem on raw hardware...but not virtualized, any ideas?

Pi Zero + LibreELEC = cheapest way to add AirPlay support to any AUX-available speaker in less than 15 minutes

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