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Hey! Stop scrolling!

You! Yeah you! Stop scrolling!

I just wanna tell you that you're doing just fine. You're gonna be okay if you aren't right now. And if you are, well tomorrow's gonna be even better.

And if you need someone to talk to, send me a DM and we can discuss. I might not have any answers to what you're going through right now, but at least you won't be going at it alone.

Israeli politics 

For those familiar with the situation, do you think this new Israeli gov't is going to be a net positive or net negative for the country, its citizens, and those who deal with Israel? (Palestine included)

Protip: Don't ask if someone gets a bonus if you also get XYZ thing with your product if you're not willing to actually buy that thing if they say yes. You look like an asshole otherwise.

Better yet, just don't ask

Opened my Twitter to find a video of two men smashing the hood of a racecar, one of them literally punching it. This is before applying some large black pad to make sure the car is still somewhat aerodynamic.

For those using Windows, did you leave enable or disable the News and Interests taskbar section?

What do you watch when you're looking for some calm, some escapism, or to just have your mind dealing with "a simpler drama"?

Thank you to those who have worked their asses off to bring the vaccine to the masses. Thank you to those who have worked tirelessly to give help to those who need it. Thank you to those who've done their part during the pandemic in adhering to the public health guidelines.

I am grateful that we have the opportunity to move closer and closer to a life of liberty and normalcy and I look forward to the progress we'll continue to make in the future.


Someone slipped up during the podcast I was listening to and said "App Star" instead of "App Store" and I just keep trying to figure out what the App Store's Thermal Exhaust Port is

Bo Burnham's songs from his INSIDE special are now available on Tidal and Spotify! :D highly suggest listening to Welcome to the Internet, White Woman's Instagram, and All Eyes on Me. 30 is another runner up for best

@scylla hey I read your post regarding the scrapyard wars, thank you for writing that, I thought it was pretty funny, both parts

Clarification: Chrome and FF tab groups don't sync across devices, nor can you save them for coming back to them later

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Though I seem to remember something on Firefox that did something similar 🤔

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I legitimately thought that Safari's new Tab Groups feature was old news. It turns out that it's not and that built-in, neither FF nor Chrome have this feature

PSA: don't pay for iCloud+ just to get Privacy Relay or whatever they were calling it. It's basically a less secure version of Tor 🤷

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