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Reinstalling your OS?

Take note of everything you do to "set up" your install, either in a script, or in a text file with links to the software, or even just an inventory of the applications that you use for the first time.

You'll safe yourself a lot of time and may even find ways of automating that process to save even more

Jeez, all these people talking to me about man pages! What about the woman pages, or NB pages? Huh? What about the genderfluid pages?

Full credit to my partner for this one

Argghhh, the dreaded "no boot device"! Stupid non-standard UEFI on my mobo

Me: Looks at trending

Also me: Oh god, what is this one about?

Finally me, for the first time: Nope, don't need to look, don't need to satisfy curiosity about random drama that literally doesn't affect me

This Sujeonggwa from Sujeonggwa Stall 3 is really good value!

Hey! You, my love, are doing your best and I appreciate it a lot!

How non-trivial is the process of porting some userland app to the ARM architecture? I imagine it's somewhere between compiling on said platform vs. re-coding some parts of the project to fix some idiosynchrocies?

2TB copy...welp! We'll be here for quite a while I think

If the iPad Pro has an M1 chip, I don't believe it would be farfetched to be able to run Linux on there, no?

I just got speedy new internet and I'm having trouble not doing a speed test every 20 minutes

Chauvin murder trial 

The jury has found Derek Chauvin guilty on all three charges

Very much like the design of the new iMac.

But I don't know if the camera is good enough

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