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On the bright side I've made pizza for baking :D

And will have some loukoumades to make for dessert :D

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LinuxLiaison is on Windows...

It's a bittersweet experience

Would you buy one of my NFTs and if so, what would you want of mine as an NFT?

Would you buy one of my NFTs and if so, what would you want of mine as an NFT?

Hey (manager who wants to watch me troubleshoot a problem for their employee) (employee with problem), I understand that XYZ is an issue, when's the best time for me to be able to troubleshoot for your employee?

How does noon sound?


Unsubscribe from a couple of those newsletters you never read.

Remember getting locked out of your Google account? Well Apple's no better, and they'll give you just as much of the runaround as Google will in trying to get your account back.

Leave Apple while you can. Diversify your account portfolio, and I'm not talking about

I am old enough to be allowed to operate 1.6 tonns of steel and aluminium at 130 km/h on a motorway and trusted not to mess up.

I am old enough and allowed to purchase and consume alcohol and am trusted not to do so when doing the first thing.

I am old enough and allowed to buy a gun and operate it and am trusted not to shoot people with it.

But apparently I can't be trusted to install software on my phone without apple checking it frist...

Apple, I think we need to talk....

At my job there's been a total of 9 16-inch MacBooks that have arrived basically DOA

"Canadian doctors speaking out" video is a fucking joke from the same types of folk who say "isn't it suspicious?" "Isn't it weird?" "Doesn't that seem fishy?"

They stoke fear and suspicion of publicly available information just to create malicious and inflammatory discourse.

Google wants to FLoC you now that they're done eating all those cookies

Ever been *magically* locked out of your Google account?

Idk, would make me nervous that someone would be able to lock my account with no recourse for recovery, just because my account was hacked and then used for nefarious activity.

Lose access to my email (and whatever services the hacker gained access to using recovery tools that rely on access to email), my adsense account, all my contacts, all my calendar, etc. all at once.

Leave Google while you still can

AAHH YES! Thanks to @mmezo I have telegram notifications for my daily and weekly incremental and full backups respectively :3

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