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Lent idea: give up being mean. It's only temporary folks, I think ya'll can handle it.

So glad I changed my profile pic quite a while ago. I see more and more Linux folk using something similar to this one and I wanted something a bit more unique

"Hey everyone, I think that this thing XYZ is going to be really good for the environment." says Bill Gates, knowing full well that many of his investments are public.

Bill Gates isn't a dumbass. Just because someone publicly advocates for something and then also has money in that doesn't mean they've definitively got some hidden agenda.

It means they've put their money where their mouth is!

It's amazing what preparedness and habit can do to make a difference in a snowstorm.

The infrastructure in Texas clearly wasn't set up for the can of whoopass that was opened up on them. Meanwhile, a similar storm wouldn't have done a thing in Canada.

Stay safe out there folks, good luck!

macOS Light Mode always makes me feel like I'm running a previous version. It's weird.

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That means that there's a significantly increasing demand for gas and, by extension, oil.

Evidence of this correlation can be seen by loosely comparing gas prices to the number of counties/cities across the US with stay-at-home orders.

So sure, Biden increased gas price, but not in the way one would have you believe.

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uspol, covid-adj, education 

"Anyone out there in Pennsylvania who voted for @JoeBiden gas went up $0.10 in my area. It went up again. So this is on you if you voted for @POTUS. if it gets worse I'm going to start calling people I know who voted for Biden so they can take me places since this is their fault"

So, folks are slowly going back to work. Makes sense right? New case numbers have gone down significantly since Jan 8. So lots of businesses are getting the greenlight to open up again. 1/2

I got into stocks. It gave me the same anxiety that social media does, constantly wanting to come back and check what changes have happened. Multiple times in an hour.

I'm retracting myself from this before it gets bad. I made like 3 Canadian rubles, this ain't worth it.

Would you consider flipping houses/condos "gentrification"?

Say you buy a house, live in it for several years while making improvments, and then sell it at a profit

:( Past month has been spent on deciphering whether a compliance email sent to users is a false positive or not, and making sure that people's computers are compliant

All the while, doing tickets for users who don't read their fucking emails from us telling them not to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 or macOS Big Sur yet.

Overestimating your requirement for OPSEC is bad for your mental health. Evaluate what is realistically appropriate for your situation, don't just go on "the principle of the thing." You'll drive yourself insane.

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