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Bitly doesn't send an account deletion email, neither does 000webhost

Show thread sends verification email to new email, but not to old email to alert of the change.

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Benefit of having a password manager: You know exactly which accounts are still using an old email

Also gives you a chance to close forgotten accounts or change their password while changing the associated email (and even set up 2FA if that wasn't originally an option!)

In the new year, I stop using GMail and Google Drive completely. Remove everything from it.

Looking for tools to help me move that stuff to another inbox (FastMail) and NextCloud

Oh and please boost if you're really interested in the stat result

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How long do you spend away from social media in waking hours? More precisely, what would you say is the average time between visits to tend to your "feeds"?

If ever you make a dictionary with a search box, don't fucking make the search case sensitive.

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Hmm, dictionary in plaintext website?

Literally just a search box and the definition

Mom is complaining about not being able to buy hair dye until Jan 11. I told her it makes sense that she can't because they don't have open coffin covid funerals

covid, trends 

Interesting evolution of the search terms:

Hot take: I hate the outdoor lighting I've seen from Cyberpunk 2077

How tf is the MacBook Air (with comparable specs) less expensive than the Dell XPS 13 inch? And how is the MacBook Pro only $150 more (and worth that extra $150)??

I understand why folks are trying so hard to get a port of Linux to the M1 MacBook now. Solid performance, solid battery life, at only an above average price

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