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Don't fucking gate documentation behind giving away your personal details

Fucking dicks

Trump, Twitter 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but does uncounted not include rejected votes?

Weird issue I discovered with pfSense 🤔 My web servers are not accessible from the inside of my network using the domain names. Something about trying to hit the URL from inside the network makes pfSense default to providing the web admin portal.

I'm wondering if this is simply due to firewall rules or if this is something I have to *add* configuration to

Spent several hours troubleshooting pfSense and a nat 1:1 translation. Problem wasn't with pfSense.

It was DNS.

It's always fucking DNS.

Parler discourse 

I think Parler's lack of mainstream popularity will ultimately cause a spoiler effect for the further right wingers. Cool.

Just once, I'd like to hear things from Siri in a southerner trucker's voice

Just spent a fucking HOUR troubleshooting a driver issue. The problem was hardware :(

Alright, so looks like PFSense doesn't like either my motherboard or my NIC because the nic just isn't being detected by pfSense

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Notifications discussion:

Do you mind getting notifications both from email and push notifications on your phone?

Does it bother you when you get *any* notification in more than one place?

Does it depend on the type of notification? Do you focus your notifications into one place to build a sort of "habit" for notifications?

Second NIC is on its way! Setting up my router with pfSense tonight hopefully :D

Your employer does not own you. You have free will and discretion. You don't have to do what they tell you to do if you don't like it.

A quick search isn't turning up the types of results I'm looking for. Anyone had experience with setting a WP site to read-only? Basically no longer accepting comments and having a banner saying the site is no longer maintained

Don't look back in the case where you *didn't* hold the door. You just look like an asshole who likes to see doors slam closed on people.

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