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I feel like the reveal of string literals actually being slices is like a clever plot twist in a movie :P

idea: IRC client-like experience for the Fediverse.

All feeds and profiles are channels, just don't know how @s would work without creating seven thousand DMs

No, Amazon, you cannot make up for your wrongdoings by throwing money at the problem.

I'm looking at you tuition-free preschool from Amazon et al.

Apple email: We have important information regarding your repair

Me: You could have EASILY just included that information in your email, you know that right?

I mean, it can literally be a picture of the number 4, just *something*

ref: @poncio

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Reminder to folks in the fediverse (more specifically new folks), add a profile picture to your account. It makes it a lot easier to remember who you are and gives less the impression of you just being a spambot or something.

Bonus: You're personally expressing yourself :)

Boosts encouraged



the cishet mind is a strange thing indeed 

just galpals

Part of this will also be making more and more of the app purely rust code rather than piggybacking on other linux binaries

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It's working! For the most part.

My goal is to make this be able to populate the window (eventually a GNOME extension or system tray application, might try and support both at some point) with all the outputs present in pulseaudio

This entails getting all the indices, matching them with the names, and then generating a button/list entry for each output.

This is probably the most useful thing I'll have made to date :P

What’s happening in your life that isn’t about politics? How was your breakfast? Did you get that errand done? Have you checked in with your Gran? What’s up?

For some reason this sequence prints out a single "None" before everything. It happens even when just printing the stdout of sink_inputs

Result of the full sequence in second screenshot.

Any clues as to why this might be the case?

To be clear by the way, it's of no fault of the new hire. It's more a product of bad timing.

She would have had to be trained at some point and of course best time is when they arrive. She's fantastic too, so I'm happy to have her on the helpdesk team :)

Just with having to always be on for the training, that being draining, and then low-key fighting off a cold, that being draining, and then all at the same time trying to delegate tickets for the hour at beginning of's a lot

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It' disrespectful, and makes people less likely to be willing to engage in honest and good faith discussion.

You bring that upon yourself when you act like this.


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Reminder: When you post online about something, expect that someone at some point will disagree with you.

Expect that folks without context may jump into the conversation.

If you don't want to hear opposing viewpoints, don't post about something you're sensitive about unless you know you're in your safe space.

Don't just turn around and criticize someone's opinion, calling them names and generally bitch about them after blocking them.


Due to my lack of productivity this week in the sense of not using my off video time to effectively focus on my tickets and filling them correctly, I have to sacrifice an hour of my three day weekend to work on that.

It's not the worst, but I wish I hadn't been sick during a week I had to be always on with the new hire

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