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How interesting would it be to have a show where folks report on the news that hasn't happened but could be predicted.

"Not Fact, But Prediction" is what I would call it

Side note: I just found out with WiFi calling under my carrier, I can call from anywhere in the world for no extra charge. Sadly the same doesn't apply calling from home to anywhere in the world (kinda makes sense though)

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Who here has insight as to why folks play online and just hack in regular games? They run the risk of being banned and then just have everyone sending them hate mail. Seems like little gain for a lot of loss

I wonder if anyone has quantified how much of the WWDC announcement this year was basically catch up to other products. MKBHD did a pretty good job of summing it up, but I'd like some detail :P

@ndegruchy Wow I'm SO glad to see a response from folks working on Pocket. I been feeling like folks were neglected up until now. I didn't realize you were following that thread too :P

1745 was a good shout, thanks @marxxndotphoenix and @ArtistMarciaX for bringing it to us and an other great #BWIF!
The production, talent and love poured into this film shine through in every scene but for me seeing that the director's family did the catering by the looks of the credits brings home how small and tightly knit some films are. Every time I see one as good as this I want to celebrate every person involved in making the thing happen, it's no easy feat to see one through this well

So, I know nobody's perfect but I've been watching a few interviews with Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand Prime Minister) and I can't help but smile. She seems so genuine and positive. It's hard to not feel a little happy when you hear what she has to say.


bout to smoke up, who's smoking what tonight?

poor black girl in need update 

Hey y’all, I’ve been struggling financially because I’m a student and COVID19 has stopped my income. I have to start funding for rent this month ($225) and food. I do sell prints of my art and accept donations. Anything is appreciated
(P.s. my homophobic and diet racist roommates are gone)
Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

On another note, I've really been getting into CS:GO. Thankfully not enough to buy anything from it :P

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Oh, happy Juneteenth, folks! Keep your hands raised against the systemic issues that still plague our society. Lay siege to those that intend to suppress the message and call themselves superior!

Hi all! I'm back (kinda). I really miss you folks! How are you all?

Finished this round of social media detox. I came back some infighting on Twitter, but some good ol' comedy on here :)

Was nice to see. That being said, I've definitely benefitted from this hiatus and I think I might want to make it longer and more restrictive. If I post anything, it will be on

I'll set up a mailing list in the near future and post the link on the blog so you can sign up without me having to come back.

Look forward to my detox journal from this round

Aight, social media break. One week. While I'm gone check out some educational videos from Tom Scott, SmarterEveryDay, and Chris Evans' Rare Earth.

Love you all :)

here. What are yours? (spoiler: I'm looking to make fedi a nicer place to be :) )

Soundcloud, I don't need you to censor my email when I'm the one who just entered it...

Asspizza sold 4,000 items in the first 24 hours of making his website, but what they neglect to tell you is that he already had a following. Deceptive ads all over YouTube:

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