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Gonna take care of cleaning up some of the bugs in my table unflipping bot today. One of them is that it doesn't reply to *all* the people mentioned in the table flipping status

Philosophers only become named as such when the life that thrived around them has all but vanished from memory and left little trace for us to examine. We have but their eyes to examine the state of existence at their point in time.

fix the issue. Finally, I ended up clicking on Devices and Printers in the BT settings and opening up the LE_WH-H900N (h.ear) device in there and discovered the Services tab. In there, NOTHING was checked. NONE of the options were checked. After checking them all, and clicking apply, I was prompted for whether I want to connect the headphones...and problem f***ing solved.

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user wasn't able to connect Sony bluetooth headphones to her laptop because any time they would do so, it would say Connected for a moment, then Paired and the entry in the bluetooth settings is missing a Connect button. We tried installing the driver update for BT, doing a BIOS update, going through services, making sure that bluetooth services was on, making sure airplane mode was disabled. The whole shebang. Even reinstalling the bluetooth module via Device Manager and a reboot didn't[cont'd]

@cavaliertusky @ndegruchy sorry! Just put it up in a docker image and forgot to remove notifications!

Should I put the bot up on a VPS and have it run indefinitely?

Made myself a facemask, should also be able to stick this in the laundry too :)

@cavaliertusky HEY! Don't you f***ing flip that table you heathen! It has feeeeelings ┬─┬ノ( ◕◡◕ ノ)

for(let notif of notifications) {
notif = notif.status


notifications = => notif.status)


User X: User Y tells me that they had the same problem and Tech Y was able to fix it. Is that possible?

Me(What I *really* want to say): User Y doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about

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