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Why didn't the eagles just fly the ring to Mordor?!

Bell's chat support is *excruciating* to deal with goddamn.

Radical kindness and empathy are all things we should try to practice more. ✨

Been a hell of a week, running around due to a 6-monthaversary of a forced password reset for the company, events transpiring in and around the office, and also some flak being dished by some higher ups for shit that I don’t even have anything to do with.

Bright side: it’s the weekend and I’m thankful for it.


It's funny how when Google provides enterprise management profile templates, that they're no longer fucking valid. What a joke. NONE of the preferences set in the template work.

Just a heads up, to suppress the first-run dialog, you just have to set two preferences:

DefaultBrowserSettingEnabled: true/false

More info in an upcoming blog post like, within the next month, I wanna say?

Just an idea of what I've been working on. God this has been a huge pain but I know it'll all be worth it once I'm able to re-install all the dashboards within a week!

Explanation of all the files used during the pre-seeding process I've created.

Turns out you can’t set gsettings stuff during the preseed stage :( so I just made a custom binary by editing the settings on an existing install and will copy that into the user’s .config/dconf folder 🤷‍♀️

Goodness, this preseed stuff is amazing, I just wish I could have the gsettings stuff apply during the success_command sequence. I have a workaround that involves just copying over a modified database schema but obviously that’s not preferrable...

I love how effective setting a ticket to "Waiting for: User" is in getting a response! :D

Not having much of a blast anymore trying to figure out grub boot menus :(

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Having a blast setting up a preseed file for a work project :D Ubuntu 18.04 on a dashboard mini PC called a Minix

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