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Crazy hard working today. Lots and lots of new deployments to take care of for arrivals next week. If only this was even more automatable than now. Thank goodness for autounattend files

For reference, here's the list. It'll change slowly but surely over the course of the year. Feel free to suggest books related to mystery, adventure, hacking, or thriller.

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Just realized that my rediscovered interest in reading novels was becoming tainted by my gluttony. This happened while I was looking over Humble Book Bundles and then remembered that I still have 18 books this year to read and haven't even finished 2 in the list yet.

:( SSD conked out before I thought it would. Won't boot but luckily I can still read from it to recover files.

Buying an M.2 now

@ErikaDesign hey there thanks for boosting my beginner's guide to discovery! I hope it helped :)

This has been the first weekend...I think my current relationship where I get to sleep in the entire weekend *with my partner* and not have to immediately start getting ready to go out after waking up.

I could get used to this

For context, my partner got a new job that has a Monday to Friday 8-5 work schedule 👍

For context, to be able to use an old website created for Internet Explorer, without having to access a remote desktop app, I had to use a custom user agent string in Safari.

Side question: anyone know how to get around revoked certificates being denied in Chrome on macOS? I don't even get the option to bypass...

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need to disable macOS System Integrity Protection just to be able to add my own custom User Agent String to a menu in Safari...

So...I just found out that I'm going on a ski trip with my company... paid by them?

Downpour expected rest of the day, with temps descending overnight to -7 or so, and no chance of above freezing temperatures. Looks like we're in for a ride

And then an hour after the live stream starts, for some reason it just randomly says the Stream is offline. But then refresh the page and everything is back to normal, another hour later the same thing happens, so there's some sort of time out that's happening after a minute. We can't figure out whether it's the browser whether it's the live stream, the streaming software, or even the internet connection

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An hour before going live, we had a YouTube music stream going. Sound is fine. Start the company stream. No audio...well, audio but garbled.

Switched out the 3.5 to mic level inline converter to a line level converter. Sound it GREAT! Still not sure why it made a difference for YouTube stream vs Vimeo stream but answers would be lovely

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Ran an internal company live stream today Learned the difference between mic level and line level audio...and almost had a heart attack in the midst of it.

Details in thread

What's cool about this is that you can just set up a login script that runs the skyline generator and you get a new wallpaper every time you log in :D

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@ashur as you can see I figured out how to make a bigger image, but I'm confused as to what the last parameter (which I set to 20 here, because 5 made the image too small for some reason) does.

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Tiny Skyline wallpaper generated thanks to @ashur's @tinyskylines bot located at:

Modify the last line to (300, 150, 20) for something more 1080p friendly.

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