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Another late work night. Hopefully the last in a while. We're getting another IT guy next week.

It's been a rough four or so months

o.o new mobo supports hotplugging internal storage drives!

Does anyone know if it's possible to dualboot both a Windows and Linux encrypted partition?

Thank you @fdroidorg for bringing open source apps to the community in a convenient way! :D

There's a sudden influx of selfies today. Something about the new year ?

I'm loving how new Pleroma image attachments are broken in Mastodon 🙄

🤔 Something doesn't seem right here...I just can't put my finger on it:

Funny how Google allows viruses as top results but not crackers

especially when one is Windows and its updating to the latest build

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Running two OSs from the same SSD simultaneously...hurts a lot.

So folks are up in arms because Facebook still has the ability to track your "location" via your IP and via the photos who's locations you tag...

It's as if people don't understand how technology works. Oh wait, who's fault is that?

Don't clap spam clap emojis clap it's clap really clap fucking clap annoying clap

Had a warm welcome from some friends of my partner and I today and I have to say I had a wonderful time with them. Played cards against humanity and had lots of nice snacks and treats like these

Oh my fuck, what is wrong with you rsyslog? You fucking twat look what you've done!

Question about credit card payments + credit score:

If I'm making multiple payments a month, putting my balance to 0 each time, does it matter if at the end of the month I have some balance on the card?

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