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So turns out there's a bug that explicitly affects MY setup that was introduced in 19.10 :/

The HDMI Ellesmere audio output is auto-selected per-login rather than the line out that I manually set as default in config files.

Only workaround at this point is to disable audio output auto-switching

"There’s just one snag. She can’t think straight when she’s around the sexy British hacker Jimmy Carroll, who is her toughest competitor for the prize…"


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Looking for some decent computer related mystery books, written by women, with a female lead

Any ideas?

pro-green pol 

Folks against green taxes, making green changes, and climate change deniers will tell you that the government is taxing polluting companies just to get more money and that it's the gov'ts fault you're paying more for electricity these days.

It really just boils down to a chicken and egg situation. There has to be developments in green tech and processes before it can be inexpensive again for electricity. Call a green tax an anti-early adopter tax, and your perspective changes

I'm still reading a lot in hacker culture and soon I'll be starting Cuckoo's Egg.

Anyone have any other books to suggest?

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After a long week at work, it felt nice today to work on some homelab stuff. The web interface of my Nextcloud server is back up. Stupid ebook reader app was flubbing it all up in v17 of nextcloud. I'd love to sync my entire projects folder but the problem is it screws with git.

I think I might just go plaintext with my book as well, I'm spending too much time focusing on formatting right now and I think I should just focus on storyline.

Voice vlan has no access to Internet. Have to update conference telephone AP and it's in the voice vlan. Sysadmin is unresponsive.

What do I do??

Of course I set up my own fucking http server, connect myself to a dumb switch with the AP, manually set my IP, and use Wireshark to scrape the URL the AP is looking for in the update. Match that on my HTTP server...AND BAM we're in fucking business.

So for some reason, the ventilation system at work is in overdrive right now. This is at the termination of the duct

Been trying to update a NUC for the past week, but every time it rebooted, it silently fails the update. I've been baffled and have resisted redeploying it this whole time.

Come to find colleague installed the Deep freeze application without me even noticing!! 🤬

So for some reason, the ventilation system at work is in overdrive right now. This is at the termination of the duct

Back to regular work hours! Hopefully the new office space and the new occupants go smoothly

Thankfully I can recuperate these hours with days off :)

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Worked all weekend, but I think it was really worth it.

Set up a huge portion of the new office section, stored a shitton of monitors and moved all the camera stuff belonging to Creative

Set up some new desks in the IT office

And started/finished reception of 180 docking stations today

It's been wild


Adele Goldberg
Steve Jobs
Linus Torvalds
Dennis Ritchie
Dave Packard
Bill Hewlett

Those last two, naturally, are situated beside each other 👌👌

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