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Had a nice trip in Quebec City! The city is comparatively not diverse when you're someone who comes from Montreal 🤔

These trips outside the city have helped me feel a little more at home and love MTL more

I'd like to see what Ottawa's like at some point compared to QBC in terms of diversity or lack there of.

Also, I learned that stop signs saying "Arrêt" don't exist in France! Grandstanding purists are ruining the French language, not the Anglophones/English

So...this is the brand new bridge that was just put up in Montreal

When your luggage is so big you can fit your second luggage in it

That moment when your boss sends a campus-wide email asking people to reply to me which monitors they want to buy out of the list of those that we have

2-3 emails a minute rn

Difference in pronunciation for Montreal, local vs. visitor:

Local = Mun-tree-all

Visitor = Mon-tree-all

The visitor is more likely to pronounce Montreal as it's written.

The local is more likely to pronounce it in a more physically convenient matter as it is uttered much more often in conversation. As well, the local is more likely to have heard the local pronunciation growing up and has thus integrated it into their speech

Too f***ing early to leave for a train to Quebec City. Gonna need a hefty coffee this morning no doubt

Spent a few hours today TRYING to deploy Mac using DEP+MDM...fucking Catalina

Was in Quebec City for two weeks and my goodness is it beautiful! A little too quiet for me but a very nice place to get away to if you have the chance!

I had a great time exploring the city and outskirts, even did wine, cider, and cheese tastings!

Now I'm back home, and I've never been so happy to be in Montreal before. I was homesick beyond what I thought I would be

After 5 hours of troubleshooting, I officially hate python

@rtwx @xinayder
It is like with a pair of shoes, take what feels more comfortable.

Cannabis-infused tea company customer support: "High Tea support, how can I help you?"

Hands cold? Just get your bud's macbook and start a 4k video on YT (using FF of course). It'll heat your hands right up! :D

on run {input, parameters}

set thedate to (do shell script "date +'%m/%d/%Y %H:%M'") as string
tell application "System Events"
keystroke "Brandon Nolet (" & thedate & "): "
end tell

end run

It's funny to see the exact same people complaining about the advent of the social score on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat trying to get more likes, followers, and streaks every day.

Like... It's the same shit! Can't you fucking see?

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