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The shiny black market part was a joke btw. You can just use cheat codes and whatnot. Not so much on new games, but definitely up until the 3DS at the very least.

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Would be cool to see Pokemon have different colours/skins based on the type of Pokeball used. Would kill the shinies black market

I wonder what the delta is for caffeine consumption re: amount needed to be consumed to stave off a caffeine headache vs. minimum amount needed to increase that amount

(Does that make sense?)

You're a reseller/retailer of Lenovo products and a certain product has been discontinued. Do you:

1) Inform the purchaser and make the change at their request?
2) Make the change without notifying the purchaser
3) Plug your thumb in your ass and wait for the purchaser to notice?
4) Plug your ears and don't make the order because the purchaser should know that the product was discontinued?

If you answered anything but 1, congratulations, you're our new supplier! (1 was the correct answer)

argghhh waiting for a response as to whether I got the job or not is killin' meeee >.<

Was supposed to find out on Friday but some big IT incident coupled w/ an employee floor move has prevented them from moving on to the decision making process. I /hope/ I'll find out today :/

I imagine this utility could work in Linux as well but there are other ways, one of which I think I will write a script for. Not sure which tool I'll use but I think I'll go with dd as it allows for different sources for the arbitrary data

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Need to create a file of arbitrary size? Here's RDFC:


rdfc.exe <filename> <filesize> <KB | MB | GB | TB>

There's these escooters and ebikes that have come to Montreal all at once and they're really starting to miff me right off. They're being placed in the middle of the sidewalk or being left on the floor for people to trip on, bikes locked up on people's properties and users just generally being a nuisance to others

Anyone wanna call it a "quack search" for a DDG search verb? Play on words with "quick search"

Well time for a custom splash screen on my thinkpad.

Good words to help you navigate today's political landmine society:

The whole video is interesting, but this part in particular would help some folk I think

Those with experience with Alpine linux and Docker, would you recommend running docker on alpine in prod?

It looks like all these servers don't work:

:( I've not seen Archie before but it looks like the closest alternative today is the internet archive's CLI tool:

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